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Smuggling over 1 weight of bird's nest via airway

19:12 | 23/04/2019

VCN –A husband and wife who concealed a more than 100 kg of bird's nest in their luggage and did not implement customs declaration were caught at the border gate of Tan Son Nhat International Airport by Customs authorities.

tin nhap 20190423160249
Each luggage contained tens of kilograms of bird's nest

Nearly 120 kg of smuggled bird's nest was seized by Southern Anti-smuggling enforcement Unit (Unit 3) - Anti-smuggling and Investigation Department - General Department of Customs in coordination with Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Branch.

According to Unit 3, the bird’s nest was transported by the couple, who resides in Thu Duc District - Ho Chi Minh City and entered Vietnam on flight No.VN630 on April 20 from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Tan Son Nhat.

The wife had three items of hand luggage and one checked bag. Through physical inspection, Customs authorities detected 44.46 kg of crushed bird’s nests. The working group also discovered 75.32 kg of crushed bird’s nest in three items of the husband's luggage.

All the bird’s nests collected in the couple's luggage were the same in shape and colour, except the bird’s nests in the wife's luggage were different shapes which were crushed into bigger pieces.

According to the couple, all of the above mentioned bird’s nests were identical and bought from one source, and then it were divided into small bags for bringing back to Vietnam.

tin nhap 20190423160249
The bags containing smuggled bird's nest were seized
tin nhap 20190423160249
Each luggage contained full of crushed bird’s nest
tin nhap 20190423160249
Nearly 120kg of bird’s nest was contained in 7 bags

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy