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Smuggling mineral, woods, petrol and narcotics on the sea is “very hot”

16:44 | 07/11/2018

VCN - This is the assessment of the representatives of the Command of Coast Guard on the situation of crimes and violations of law at sea in the recent past. In particular, the smuggling and trade frauds of some items such as minerals, wood, gasoline, drugs ... are always hot spots.

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Vietnam Coast Guard force inspected violated goods.

In particular, the subjects used a variety of methods, new tricks which were sophisticated and designed for hiding on board, or tying goods so that they can be jettisoned if detected.

According to the statistic of the Command of Coast Guard, from the beginning of the year, the Coast Guard has examined and processed 60 cases with 56 ships and 214 subjects. Collected 9,233,581 tons of coal; 727,842 tons of ore; 7,460,852 liters of DO; 7,517,9 liters of FO oil; 93,880 packets of cigarettes; 128,4 kg of firecrackers; 7 airguns; 4 box of bullets for airguns; One cannon shotgun; 7 used washing machines, 19 used TVs; 3,000 pigeons; 144 bottles of foreign wine; 1,485.85 tons of clinker; 5,000 bowl of jellyfish; 20 tons of oysters; 64,650 tons of nitrogenous urea; 2,808,979 liters of petrol. In particular, 44 cases of administrative cases were sanctioned, 8 cases were handed over to other competent forces; The total amount of fines for administrative violations and goods put on sale then paid to the state budget was 150 billion VND.

In the fight against crime and anti-drugs, the Coast Guard conducted 29 sessions of propagation about regulation on drugs for 9,810 people and vehicles; distributed 17,026 leaflets. Directly cooperated with the competent authorities to fight 204 specialized cases, projects and arrested 334 subjects (in that prosecuted 65 cases with 99 cases); exhibits were 483 bars + 578,722 grams of heroin; 23,086 tablets + 60 kg of synthetic drugs; 100.9 kg of marijuana; 3 guns; 30 rounds; 16 cars, 72 motorcycles; $US 500 and over 550 million VND and other exhibits.

Besides that, the situation of foreign fishing vessels invading the Vietnamese sea fishing illegally continues to occur. The administrative violations of maritime activities of vessels operating on the sea are still occurring, focusing on types of vessels operating and transporting inland. Accordingly, the Coast Guard has organized to grasp the situation on the sea and detected foreign fishing vessels violating Vietnam’s waters 3,460 times. According to Lieutenant General Doan Bao Quyet - Deputy political commissar of the Coast Guard, he forecasted that in the coming time the situation of breaking the law on the sea still implies many complicated factors; Criminals work with trends of using sophisticated methods, tricks and counter-attacks if they are detected.

Lieutenant General Doan Bao Quyet said that in order to perform the law enforcement on the sea well, in the future, the Coast Guard forces would build and step by step complete the legal system on the Vietnam Coast Guard in order to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement at sea, especially in the development of legal documents guiding and enforcing the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard which is being submitted to the National Assembly for approval. To intensify the fight against crimes, violations at sea, ensuring equipment and funds for effective operation of the coast guard navy.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy