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Smuggling firecrackers will be "Hot" soon

10:06 | 30/09/2018

VCN- Preliminary statistics show that in only two months of August and September this year, related forces have arrested dozens of cases of trafficking and transport of illegal firecrackers with material evidence of over 5 tons. The situation of selling, storing and transporting firecrackers is now quite different from that of previous years when the Lunar New Year (Ky Hoi) is a long time away.

smuggling firecrackers will be hot soon
Objects Nguyen Van Duong and exhibits with 600 kg of fireworks arrested by police force on 5/9.

The record number

Recently, in some localities such as Lang Son, Nghe An, Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Quang Binh, Bac Kan ..., related forces have continuously discovered and arrested cases of transportation and selling of illegal firecrackers. Until now, the amount of arrests for smuggling transported firecrackers has been increasing in tons, which makes the processing of handling by related forces “hot” day by day.

A short while ago (in the first four days of September), the Border Guard and Police forces of Lang Son detected and arrested a number of objects transporting and trading firecrackers in the border areas with the number reaching over 1.7 tons.

Typically, on the morning of 5/9, the Criminal Police Department, Lang Son Public Security Department detected a group smuggling firecrackers driving two cars from the direction of Dong Dang to Thai Nguyen. When the police blocked to arrest this group, they fled in the cars to escape. After a pursuit, the police arrested Nguyen Van Duong, 29, from Bac Giang. This young man was driving a pickup truck carrying nearly 600 kilograms of Chinese fireworks. Working with the police, Duong reported that he went with two young men from his hometown to Tan Thanh gate to buy firecrackers to sell to make a profit. Prior to the arrest, the group had traded the fireworks six times, illegitimately getting tens of VND millions.

On 6/9, in the area of Ban Ma village, Bac Xa commune, Dinh Lap district, Lang Son province, North Xa Border Guard discovered and caught the subject Tran Van Phi, born in 1990, Phuoc Son commune, Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province, illegally transporting 20 barrels of fireworks, 36-hole fire-drill; Three crates of firecrackers, including 1,296 pods with a weight of 570 kg. Entering the claim, all the above fireworks were purchased from China with the amount of more than 30 million to bring back to Vietnam for profit.

On 8/9, at the border on 1102/1, Khanh Da hamlet, Tan My commune, Van Lang district, Lang Son province, the team of Tan Thanh Border Detectors discovered 5 objects shipping 10 packages of Chinese firecrackers, including: 36 firecrackers, sticks, firecrackers, weighing 542.4 kg. The claimants had crossed the border to China to transport the fireworks back to Vietnam, with a remuneration of about one million dong.

On the evening of September 13, Cao Bang Border Patrol force coordinated with Tra Linh district's related force to patrol, detect and catch the subject Duong Van Xuan, born in 1986, resides in Co Muoi village, Co commune Ten, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province, in a motorized vehicle with 54 boxes of cannons made in China, with a total weight of 77.5kg.

Recently, on September 19, while patrolling, traffic control on National Highway 1A, passed through Dien Hong commune, Dien Chau district, the team of Dien Chau Traffic Police Station discovered and detained a car with registration plate BKS 34C-17931, belonging to Bui Ngoc Huong, born in 1978, residing in Nhan Quyen Commune, Binh Giang District, Hai Duong Province, transporting 500 kg of smuggled cannons.

Before that, on 10/9, Police of Vinh City also detained 150 kg of fireworks produced by foreigners from Kon Tum to the northern provinces.

In the afternoon of August 30, the police of Gio Linh district (Quang Tri) discovered a truck with registration plate 73C-060.56, carrying 21 bags containing many kinds of fireworks, total more than 540 kg.

Recently, on September 20, police in Bac Kan province discovered a car transporting 182 cannons, weighing 334.08kg, originating from China, without invoices and vouchers proving place of origin.

"Hot" day by day

Evaluation from the Steering Committee 389 Lang Son, the situation of trade and transportation of illegal fireworks across the border are showing signs of "hotting" up each day in large numbers. Smuggled objects were hidden haphazardly in car panels, even hidden in sacks that contained cargo on passenger cars and crossed the border to the inland. In particular, a large number of cannons were smuggled across the border mainly by "rented backing persons" (hired backpackers) carrying wagons - carrying pigs, carrying guns through the trails and border crossings, and hot spots on either side of the gate.

According to a specialized person in trading in the Lang Son border area, the sale and transportation of fireworks gets very high profit, so many people take part in the smuggling activity. The price of grenade launchers at the border is 600 dong per item; Explosion-type fireworks 5,000 VND / box ... The price is "in the sky", depending on the type of launchers and customers, this trade is even more profitable than the drug trade.

In fact, Lang Son border line for many years has always been the hot spot for smuggling, especially for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year. Representatives of Lang Son Customs Department said that the unit regularly implement the plan and guide the units to carry out the fight against crime on the border. In particular, deployment of the control force, close monitoring, and in collaboration with related forces to fight smuggling and illegal cross-border transport of goods, including fireworks.

According to the Steering Committee of 389 key provinces on smuggling on the borderline such as Lang Son, Lao Cai, Bac Kan and Nghe An, this year the activities of selling and transporting firecrackers in localities have taken place earlier. Last year and the end of the year, this activity has been increasing. In addition, the volume of smuggled goods across the border has increased despite the provisions of the law. The hot spot for the sale of firecrackers is in the northern provinces, bordering Vietnam to China. Because China does not prohibit fireworks, firecrackers of all kinds are sold publicly in the market and in supermarkets, so many traders set up trade lines.

To solve the present smuggling problem is a difficult problem due to supply and demand factors of the market. In addition, some provinces and cities have not been aggressive in propagandizing and mobilizing people to say no to firecrackers, as well as strictly deal with the use of firecrackers, especially in the Mid-Autumn Festival spectacle. On the other hand, for fireworks there are no specific regulations and sanctions, so it is very difficult for the functional forces to prevent, arrest and dispose.

By Đảo Lê/Bui Diep