February 28, 2020 06:17

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Smugglers becoming more violent

09:51 | 09/01/2020

VCN - Smugglers have become increasingly sophisticated, violent and fight back against competent forces, including the Border Defence force.

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12,000 tablets of drugs seized by Border Defence force at Thanh Hoa in June 2019.

Deputy Director of Drugs and criminal Prevention Department Phan Thang Long made the statement at a press conference of Permenant Office of National Steering Committee 389.

Long emphasised that when being detected and arrested, the smugglers tried to escape, disperse and hide the goods, and even fought back, causing injuries to the Border Defence force in Thanh Hoa, Lang Son, Quang Ninh and Kien Giang provinces.

Typically, in June 2019, in Thanh Hoa, while arresting drug traffickers, they used guns to fiercely fight back. It led to an official of Border Defence being killed and two officials were injured.

In Kien Giang, while arresting those who illegally transported pigs from Cambodia to Vietnam, they mobilised people to use sticks and incite people to fight and injure four Border Defence officials.

In 2019, the Border Defence Force discovered and handled 2,434 cases/2,712 subjects of trading, illegally transporting prohibited goods, smuggled goods, commercial frauds, seizing goods worth more than VND 100 billion.

The Border Defence force has prosecuted 494 cases/608 subjects; administrative violations were 1,093 cases/1,363 subjects, collecting State revenue of over VND 60 billion; hand over 890 cases to authorities.

Compared to 2018, the number of cases and the number of subjects decreased, but increased in number of exhibits collected to public funds by more than VND 13 billion.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy