November 19, 2018 03:14

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Smuggled goods still flow inland via Highway 18

11:03 | 09/05/2018

VCN- To consolidate containers in buses and trucks for carrying cosmetics, cigarettes ..., which are not new ways but are still used by illegal smugglers for transportation of goods from Mong Cai border areas (Quang Ninh) inland along Highway 18.

smuggled goods still flow inland via highway 18
Joint Control Station Km15 - Dan Tien pier.

To do the task well, through statistics, the average daily traffic flow from Mong Cai through the joint control station Km 15 - Dan Tien ship station (in Hai Tien commune, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh) has about 2,000 in turn. In this number, passenger cars running the routes: Mong Cai - Hanoi, Mong Cai - Hai Phong ... accounted for 70%, i.e. for every 100 vehicles going through the station, there are 70 passenger cars, the remaining vehicles are taxis. Each hour there are about 83 means of transportation through the station. Meanwhile, Mong Cai city which has a borderline of more than 70km (including road, river, sea) always risks cheap Chinese goods of poor quality "crossing" in passenger cars and trucks inland, more or less this will always cause difficulties for the related force of the station to perform inspection and control on Highway 18A.

To coordinate with Km15-Dan Tien ship station to arrange and organize 61 officers and men of the following forces: Customs, Taxation, Police, Market Management, Border Guard, for inspecting goods; The Anti-Smuggling Control Team and the Immigration Control Team and the Traffic and Order Handbook work teams to perform the task of combating smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeit goods; Fighting against drug-related crimes (according to Decision No. 4056/2015 / QĐ-UBND dated 18/12/2015 by Quang Ninh PPC). At the same time, the forces in coordination with local authorities and related forces do well to propagate and mobilize the masses not to participate in and assist in the smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeits, goods infringement of intellectual property; detecting, denouncing objects, lines, organizing smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeits; violating regulations on exit and entry.

Leaders of the Joint Control Station Km15-Dan Tien ship station said that in order to combat smuggling, trade frauds, counterfeit goods, banned drugs and drug-related crimes, the station built and deployed copper Plan of implementation to officers and soldiers in the office. On occasions of Tet holidays and weekends, officers are always deployed 24/24; troops at the trails and openings on the two wings of the Station, at the spontaneous population station along the banks of the river, Dan Vinh wharf, Dan Tien wharf area and especially from Km13 to Km17 and National Highway 18A, where means of transport are waiting for loading and unloading of goods for domestic consumption. The office also regularly deploys publicity measures, secrets, maintaining public advocacy, building secret networks, collaborators in key areas (markets, bus stations, trade center ...).

smuggled goods still flow inland via highway 18
Many goods such as cosmetics, cigarettes, children's violent toys ... were arrested by related forces. Picture: Quang Hung.

According to reporters, the smuggling of goods has been on the rise recently, especially since the beginning of March, 2018. Violating goods through the area are still consumer goods such as cosmetics, cigarettes, drugs, firecrackers ... This way is not new, but the smuggled objects also use this way to reinforce the trenches on the passenger vehicles, trucks, and even use public taxi cars carrying drugs during the day. By professional measures, the way that the objects used to hide the cigarettes or synthetic drugs (tablets, stones) ... was soon for the related forces of the Station to find out.

Most recently, at 13:30 on April 7, while on duty at the traffic station (need barie) of the Station, the task Group conducted an inspection of a car carrying the CC: 14A - 257.90 (number plate ?) of the taxi company VIP 766. During the inspection, the detecting force found the object, Nguyen Thi Thu, was holding a white cylindrical plastic bottle (about 20cm high, with a diameter of about 7cm), and inside it were 499 cylindrical tablets that were round, opaque and white. The diameter of each tablet was about 0.8cm, and on each tablet a three-pointed star (similar to the logo of Mercedes-Benz cars); 2 white crystals (about 1.5cm-2cm in size); 4 plastic bags containing powder (size from 6cm-13cm). After a fight, Nguyen Thi Thu admitted all the above was assigned by a Chinese person named A Nhi to Thu in Dong Hung, Guangxi, China, to bring back to Vietnam and then meet contacts of Thu for reception.

Forecasting the illegal purchase, sale and transportation of banned drugs, firecrackers, cigarettes and violations of food safety and hygiene continue to evolve complicatedly. In the coming time, Km15 - Dan Tien ship station requires the forces to well perform the functions and tasks according to the regulations of each branch and the regulations of the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province; Not to generate large, smuggling lines. The teams will intensify patrols and control in key areas so as to promptly detect, arrest and strictly handle organizations and individuals that commit acts of smuggling or illegal transportation, as well as unhygienic food items of unclear origin.

From 1/1 to 25/4/2018, the total of arrests: 44 violations, worth over 590 million; the investigation agency proposed to prosecute 4 cases / 5 subjects (2 cases, 2 cases); Revenue is paid to the budget 424.7 million.

In 2017, the station has detected and handled 110 violations, value of goods violated was 4.8 billion; State budget collection (money for sale of confiscated goods and handling of administrative violations) is VND 884.1 million.

By Quang Hùng/Bui Diep