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Smuggled firecrackers and cigarettes slip underhand into border of Central Highlands

14:23 | 22/10/2018

VCN – Gia Lai – Kon Tum Customs discovered 2 cases of illegally transporting firecrackers and cigarettes via the area of Bo Y and Le Thanh Ni border gate.

tin nhap 20181022084119
Firewworks were seized at Bo Y border gate.

According to Gia Lai – Kon Tum Customs Department, on 12/10, Customs Enforcement Unit (Gia Lai – Kon Tum Customs Department) coordinated with Bo Y Customs Branch to conduct a patrol and control at the area of Bo Y border gate. At about 4:30 AM on 12/10, while setting an ambush at the dam site (about 500m from Laos border crossing to Vietnam) in the Bo Y International Border Area, the working force discovered a person carrying goods along the trail of the side gate in order to bring goods into inland for domestic consumption. When detecting the competent forces, the person threw the goods away, taking advantage of complicated terrain to escape to Laos.

Checking the goods which were left behind, the working group identified that they were all fireworks, branded Spring Everywhere 49 shot, total weight was 180 kg. The working group has made a record of certification and proceeded to the next steps as regulated.

tin nhap 20181022084119
Cigarettes were seized at Le Thanh border gate.

Earlier, on the evening of 11/10, while patrolling and controlling in the area of Le Thanh border gate, Le Thanh Customs Branch also detected 450 packs of HERO cigarettes hidden in the forest for smugglers waiting for a convenient time to bring in for domestic consumption. Currently, Le Thanh Customs Branch made a record and issued a decision of holding custody exhibits for waiting for handling in accordance with regulation.

By Nguyễn Hiền/Thanh Thuy