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Small and medium enterpises: go bypass, get good results.

08:28 | 10/11/2017

VCN- Facing with increasingly fierce competition, many small and medium enterprises have chosen to take the initiative on the bypass, at the same time efforted to diversify products, step by step promote the products, earn remarkable achievements.

small and medium enterpises go bypass get good results
Actively promote and diversify products is the way to actively find the market of many enterprises. Picture: N.anh.

Make great efforts from nothing

Mr. Le Anh, the owner of Le Gia fish sauce, said that the product line of fish sauce of Le Gia has no additive, well taste and smell, completely clean food, safe for children. Currently, Le Gia fish sauce is distributed quite widely in the stores selling fresh food in Hanoi such as UCAmart supermarket, Sea Wolf Food Store system, Kids Plaza system...

With Le Gia, the initial startup time was quite hard. “There are times when a product is offered for sale, the rejection of 5-7 times is quite normal. The way that Le Gia chose to go is focussing on specific product lines with small niche market to occupy trust before. Typically, Le Gia has successfully introduced the fish sauce to children before. Later on, when this product line has been used, other products such as shrimp paste... of Le Gia is easy to be ordered by the system and chosen by consumers”, said Mr. Le Anh.

Making business in the field of food has not been long, New Generation of Agriculture JSC also has been active, trying to enter the niche market to gradually expand its market as Le Gia fish sauce. Talking to Customs reporters, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Director of Sales of the company said, by the end of 2016, the enterprises were established and its main products are organic rice Bai Roi. Although the company launched the first series of products for a short-time, they are also quickly distributed into the market through the system of selling fresh food in Hanoi such as Big Green, Sea Wolf... “Right from the rice planting period, we have a plan to approach the market, working with partners. After exchanging information, the company also invited representatives of the shop system to directly supervise the rice cultivation, production. Currently, the company is approaching the supermarket systems such as Aeon, Fivimart... and has the initial advantages,” said Mr. Tuan.

Diversification products

In the active seeking market, going from small to large, the story of VAG International Company is perhaps the typical example. According to Mr. Hoang Xuan Hai, Director of VAG International Company: “The products of the company as the towel brand name Poemy (baby towels, bath towels, sports towels...) have been entered into the market since 2012 but it was faced with many difficulties. Firstly, the company planned to put products into supermarkets, but most them were rejected by good quality towel but not the brand. Then, the company chose to go bypass, selling goods at retail stores such as fashion shops, cosmetics, Bibomart system... When goods have appeared in several hundred retail outlets, there are large supermarkets like Aeon have actively contacted the company to distribute products. “At the present, when the product has established the trust in customers, certain positions, the expansion of the consumer system is quite easy. In addition to conventional towel products, the enterprise will also focus on diversifying its products, promoting the line of kitchen wipes, with the outstanding feature is to clean grease quickly,” he said.

Relating to the story of market entering, according to Mr. Vu Hoang Chau, Head of Marketing Department of DTK (the company has the main product is poultry eggs), the initial steps of enterprises play a very important role. “In addition to actively promoting our products, we have a proactive team that explores tastes, trends, and new product processing to deliver more value-added products, with different ways of eating, orienting the way people eat the product. “Currently, in addition to raw eggs, DTK also has egg processing. However, the processed eggs will not stop at boiling, frying, baking... as normal, the enterprise has also oriented to other products such as steamed eggs, hard-boiled eggs, smoked eggs... That is the solution. We are proceeding, hoping to get the market positive, "Chau said.

In addition to the self-effort, most enterprises in the process of exchange have the desire to have close cooperation and support from the state management agencies so that their goods can enter deeper into the retail system in the domestic and foreign markets. Typically, in the above organic rice story, enterprises hope that the decree on organic agriculture will soon complete and promulgate, creating a solid legal corridor for enterprises to have sufficient basis, certifying the products to put products into the supermarket system. With eggs, according to Mr. Chau, "businesses are very struggling to find the way for export, but they are being entangled by many regulations of the state in the application for export. In the coming time, the government should support, create open policies for businesses like DTK, Dabaco, Ba Huan... to bring eggs abroad easily.

By Thanh Nguyễn/Kiều Oanh