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Seizing more than 5,000 packs of smuggled foreign cigarettes

08:31 | 03/10/2017

VCN – In the dawn of this morning (on 2/10), Customs Enforcement Unit – Dong Thap Customs Department coordinated with the Police force to seize more than 5,000 packs of smuggled foreign cigarette.

seize more than 5000 packs of smuggled foreign cigarettes
5,370 packs of foreign cigarette were seized by Customs and Police force on the morning of 2/10/2017

After receiving the information from local people, the Customs Enforcement Unit collaborated with the Economic, Criminal and Drug Investigation Team - Hong Ngu Town Police and An Thanh Ward Police to control the area of An Thanh Ward, Hong Ngu Town, Dong Thap.

When competent force went to Nguyen Van Linh street, cluster 5, An Thanh ward, they discovered in the bushes along the roadside near the parking lot of a bus company that runs the route of Hong Ngu-Ho Chi Minh City, has many packages of suspected goods so they decided to inspect.

When conducting a physical inspection, the working group discovered that there are many foreign cigarettes, but there was no one comes to receive the shipment.

The Customs Enforcement Unit has carried out procedures to inspect the shipment without an owner. They identified the number of the above cigarettes were 5,370 packs of Hero, Jet, Scott brands; Making records and temporary seizure of the above foreign cigarettes in order to carry out the handling steps in accordance with regulations.

According to the Customs Enforcement Team, in recent time, smugglers usually use the method of putting goods at the vacant ground, roadside and send watchman to monitor from a distance. So they can wait for an appropriate time to slip goods to inland for consumption. If they were detected, they could be able to escape easily from the competent forces.

By Đ.N/Thanh Thuy