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Seizing more than 4.3 tons of Techicai Sitan transporting illegally cross border in Dong Thap

19:55 | 27/10/2017

VCN – Till the afternoon of 25/10, Customs Enforcement Unit and So Thuong Customs Branch (Dong Thap Customs Department) had just finished checking and determining the weight of Techicai Sitan (Group I) which had been seized in the morning with total weight was over 4.3 tons.

seizing more than 43 tons of techicai sitan transporting illegally cross border in dong thap
The exhibit of the case of seizing 4.3 tons of Techicai Sitan timer by Dong Thap Customs Enforcement Unit on 25/10

The case was detected at 1:00 AM while competent forces were on patrol to control area of Tan Thanh – Lo Gach canal at Binh Hoa Commune, Binh Thanh ward, Hong Ngu district. Then the forces discovered 1 motorboat with suspected signs of transporting smuggled goods so they conduct an inspection. In particular, on there were 3 Cambodian people on the vehicle without identity documents.

seizing more than 43 tons of techicai sitan transporting illegally cross border in dong thap
Customs Enforcement Unit was checking the exhibits

Through the inspection, the working group discovered there are many wooden blocks; 1 wooden table; due to those people on the boat did not have identity documents to prove legal origin of the above timber, so it was taken to the headquarters of the Customs Enforcement Unit for clarification.

In there, those people claimed that they were hired to transport those wood for consigner in Cambodia (unknown name) to Vietnam and intended to transport to Tan Huong Commune, Thanh Binh District, Dong Thap Province under the directions of consigner. However, when crossing So Thuong river (due to not reporting to competent force) to the territory of Vietnam and move to Binh Thanh commune, Hong Ngu town, those people were arrested.

According to the initial determination of the Dong Thap Customs Department, the above timber is estimated about 670 million vnd. Due to the high value of goods and has signs of illegally transporting goods cross-border, Dong Thap Customs Department is urgently coordinating with the competent agencies to handle in accordance with regulations.

By Đ.N/Thanh Thuy