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Seizing 7 kg meth from inside luggage of passenger coming from Cambodia to Vietnam

10:49 | 09/07/2019

VCN – On July 6, Moc Bai Customs Branch under Tay Ninh Customs Department said the unit has completed case dossiers of seizing 7kg of meth smuggled by a passenger coming from Cambodia to Vietnam.

tin nhap 20190708222236
A woman and meth were seized by the competent forces.

Earlier, on the evening on July 5, while performing duty at entry gate of Control Station of Moc Bai International Border Gate, Moc Bai Customs Branch coordinated with Moc Bai International Border Post, by using a scanning machine and drug sniffing dog and discovered a yellow plastic bag inside personal luggage containing white solid crystalline substances, suspected to be meth.

tin nhap 20190708222236
Customs force used drugs sniffing dog to detect meth.

Consequently, through physical inspection, a quick test of the crystals showed the positive result as methamphetamine with a volume of about 7kg.

tin nhap 20190708222236
The personal luggage contained meth.

Moc Bai Customs Branch arrested the person who committed crime and handed them over to the Anti-Drug Police Department of Tay Ninh Police to continue investigation and handling.

tin nhap 20190708222236
The white solid crystalline substances was meth

By Thu Dịu/Thanh Thuy