July 12, 2020 09:43

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Seizing 1,180 packs of smuggled cigarettes

20:01 | 25/02/2020

VCN – Many sacks containing smuggled cigarettes which were put on the roadside were seized by Customs Enforcement Unit – Dong Thap Customs Department while they were on patrol.

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Smuggled cigarettes containing in sack which were put on the roadside, were seized by Customs force.

According to the Customs Enforcement Unit – Dong Thap Customs Department, recently, while coordinating with An Lac Ward Police to patrol and control inter-ward road of Cau Muong – An Lac, the forces detected lots of sacks containing goods on the roadside next to a man who was standing in the area near Tra Du bridge (Tra Du Quarter, An Lac Ward, Hong Ngu town, Dong Thap province).

Suspecting the sacks contained smuggled goods which were waiting for vehicles to transport inland, the force requested to inspect. The man then left the sacks to run away when he saw the forces.

Through inspection, they found 1,180 packs of smuggled foreign cigarettes (including 340 packs of NELSON brand, 750 packs of HERO brand). The force decided to hold in custody the above cigarettes.

Since the begining of 2020 until now, the anti-smuggling force of Dong Thap Customs Department has detected and seized many smuggled consignments of unknown owners which were left at roadside. The goods were cigarettes, sugar and beers.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy