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Regulations on allocation of preferential C/O

19:26 | 31/07/2018

VCN- The Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently issued Circular No. 15/2018 / TT-BCT on the allocation of preferential treatment in the process of granting certificates of origin.

quy dinh phan luong trong cap co uu dai Tightly inspect and control of importing aluminium profile item from China
quy dinh phan luong trong cap co uu dai Many goods of Cambodian origin will enjoy import tax at 0%
quy dinh phan luong trong cap co uu dai Some notes for records with A/K form C/O
quy dinh phan luong trong cap co uu dai
Illustrative photo.

According to Circular 15/2018 / TT-BCT: Green Channel is a preferential regime in the process of granting preferential C / O. Accordingly, traders shall be given priority to exemption, reduction, late submission of vouchers, reduction of C / O issuance duration and exemption from physical inspections in C / O application. For the Green Channel, traders shall be exempted or reduced from vouchers in the dossiers of application for preferential C / O; exempted from actual inspection of goods and production establishments in the process of applying for preferential C / O, which shortens the processing time of C / O issuance dossiers. The deadline for late submission of vouchers is 45 working days for vouchers which are allowed to be delayed.

Red Channel is the regime that needs to be controlled in the C / O preferential process. Accordingly, traders must submit documents proving the origin of goods for all shipments, which may be required for physical inspections of goods in the course of applying for C / O. For the Red Channel, traders must comply with the strict regulations on C / O dossier, the time of approval and inspections of production capacity.

The classification of the C / O incentive process follows the automatic mechanism. The Import-Export Department (the Ministry of Industry and Trade) and the incentive C / O agencies and organizations shall publicly announce the cases of application of the Green Channel, Normal Channel or Red Channel in the management system and the granting of C/O (www.ecosys.gov.vn).

quy dinh phan luong trong cap co uu dai Not to allow foreign goods to make use of Vietnamese origin

VCN- Reform in the management of certificates of origin (C / O) of goods to facilitate enterprises, ...

Circular 15/2018 / TT-BCT will take effect from 15 August 2018.

By Thanh Nguyen/ Hoang Anh