April 06, 2020 19:39

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Receiving lots of information about preventing corona epidemic via hotline of 389

09:29 | 16/02/2020

VCN –Through hotlines (0961389389 and 0981389389), the National Steering Committee 389 has received lots of information about the increase price of medical equipment for the prevention of corona virus.

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The hotline numbers of the National Steering Committee 389 are aimed to receive 24/7 feedback on smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods in general, as well as phenomenon of increasing in prices of medical equipment for the prevention of acute pneumonia caused by corona virus (Covid-19) in particular to promptly advise and strictly handle violations.

Recently, the hotlines have received a lot of information, reflecting that some drug stores in provinces and cities have taken advantage of the outbreak to increase the price of goods unreasonably, even taking advantage of goods scarcity in the market to buy goods (masks, antiseptic fluid), causing anger among the community.

Besides raising the price of medical equipment, some people have reportedly collected medical masks to transport to China for earning profit.

Immediately after receiving the feedback, the official in charge the hotlines of National Steering Committee 389 provided phone numbers, instructing people to contact the authorities (Market management, Border guards, Police) of provinces to handle promptly.

Also according to a report of Steering Committee 389, in some localities, competent forces have arrested and discovered many cases of smuggling of medical equipment at northern border gates adjacent to China. Notably, there were an appearance of fake medical equipment.

In Hanoi, the criminal investigation on corruption, economy and smuggling Police Department (C03) - the Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with the Hanoi Market Management Department detected nearly 4,000 bottles of antiseptic solution and a large number of unpacked masks of a shop trading gauze mask and antiseptic solution at 290 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City.

Through inspection, all of the above goods had no invoices or documents proving their origin.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy