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Quang Tri: Preventing transportation of goods without legal invoices and documents

09:36 | 20/08/2019

VCN - Sugar, beer and cigarettes are often smuggled into Quang Tri to bring the goods to domestic markets. The goods are divided and hidden inside cars

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tin nhap 20190819141245 Quang Tri Customs prevents drug transportation across border gates
tin nhap 20190819141245 Quang Tri: Smuggled goods hidden in passenger cars
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Pure sugar produced by Thailand was seized by Quang Tri Customs control forces. Photo: Quang Hung.

Most infringing goods lack invoices and vouchers

On July 5, 54km from National Road 9, the Customs Control Team discovered that some suspects used goods vehicles to evade inspections. At the scene, the suspects fled, leaving 2.5 tons of white sugar produced in Thailand. Earlier, on July 4, in Lao Bao town, Huong Hoa district, the Drug Control and Prevention Team discovered and seized 800 bottles of Heineken beer and some Philips juicers.

The work showed that violations of the suspects are buying, selling and transporting imported goods without legal papers. Violators are mostly people living along Road 9, from Lao Bao town to Tan Hop commune (Huong Hoa district) and some inland residents.

According to Quang Tri Steering Committee 389, the passengers and means of entry and exit through border gates in the province increased sharply, thus potentially threatening smuggling and illegal transportation of goods across the border. On National Highway 9 and National Highway 1 in Quang Tri province, illegal trade and transportation of goods is ongoing, making it difficult to fight against smuggling. In the domestic market, there are many fake goods, poor quality goods, goods of unknown origin, and goods that do not ensure food safety, especially at the big consumption centers of the province such as Dong Ha market and the Lao Bao trade center.

According to the Anti-Smuggling Prevention and Violation Department (Quang Tri Customs Department), smuggling, trade fraud and trading, transporting goods do not have legal documents, transport illegal goods across the border. In Lao Bao town (Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri), the suspects often use motor boats to transport goods along the Se Pon river, taking advantage of the dark and difficult terrain to carry goods to Lao Bao town. Moreover, the owners often hire people to use motorbikes on trails in order to avoid the inspection and control of the forces. After commodities are transported across the border, they will be gathered in warehouses (mainly in people’s houses) along the border, continue to be divided and put on vehicles to transport to Dong Ha City and surrounding areas for consumption.

Drastic handling

The operation area of Quang Tri Customs Department is wide, mainly the complex terrain of mountains and forests, which are favorable condition for illegal transportation. Smugglers frequently assign others to follow the activities of relevant forces. Currently, at the office of the Customs Control Team and the Drug Control and Prevention Team (Quang Tri Customs Department) a group of people monitor all activities of the Customs force to avoid inspection.

To deter this target group, Quang Tri Customs Department has transferred the file to Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee to handle according to its competence. In February 2019, Quang Tri Provincial People's Committee issued a decision to sanction Mr. Nguyen Giao Nhat, born in 1991 (residing in Dong Ha City) on the act of illegal transport of tobacco products and importing goods without valid invoices to the amount of VND75 million. At the same time, items were confiscated, including 2,370 Ensure milk bottles; 12 700ml bottles of 12-year Macallan whiskey; and 500 packs of cigarettes labeled Capri Menthol.

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In the future, in order to prevent and deal with this situation, Quang Tri Customs will direct the control forces to carry out patrols in areas that often see violations such as Lao Bao town and around Road 9. At the same time, organizing forces to closely work with the forces of Police, Border Guard, Market Management.

By Quang Hung/Bui Diep