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Quang Tri: Imported goods subjected to specialized inspection accounting for 65%

14:38 | 15/10/2018

VCN – By the end of September, Quang Tri Customs implemented 2,278 import-export declarations which were subjected to specialized inspection.

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Import-export goods subjected to specialized inspection in the Quang Tri are quite diverse. Photo: Q.H

In that, there are 1,753 import declarations, accounting for 65% of the total import declarations, and 525 export declarations accounting for 12.5% of total export declarations.

The statistics from the Quang Tri Customs Department showed that imported products subjected to specialized inspection are quite diverse including: Fuel (gasoline, oil); raw materials for export production (egg albumin); animal and vegetable products (live cattle, fruits, rice, coffee, cashew nuts ...); energy drinks, fans, refrigerators, iron, scrap paper, wood, coal...

Export products subjected to specialized inspection include wood chips, white sand, salted sand, Itmenite, wood origin from import.

In order to improve the efficiency of this work, Quang Tri Customs has seriously implemented the regulations and guidance documents of the General Department of Vietnam Customs on management and specialized inspection; concentrated on inspection management and updating information on the goods subject to specialized inspection in accordance with regulations.

At the same time, directing the border-gate customs branches to inspect the observance of enterprises, paying attention to the collection of inspection information towards risk management.

The products and items subjected to specialized inspection at the border gates are such as plant quarantine and animal quarantine, for which clearance times have been reduced for facilitating the commercial activities of enterprises.

Besides that, the unit has also coordinated closely with specialized management authorities to timely exchange information and solve problems faced by enterprises in the process of implementing customs procedures; facilitated the process of customs clearance, temporarily released goods for taking them to the warehouse for preservation while waiting for inspection results.

They have arranged personnel and equipment to coordinate for quality inspection, food hygiene and safety for goods in the list of specialized inspection in the customs clearance on the basis of risk assessment and capacity of the Customs authorities.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy