October 23, 2018 02:11

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Quang Ninh: Strengthen anti-smuggling in the last months of 2017

09:36 | 11/11/2017

VCN – The steering committee 389 of Quang Ninh directed their units including: Customs, Police, Market Management, Border Defense force… to strengthen anti-smuggling, especially in the last months of 2017 and Lunar New Year 2018. 

quang ninh strengthen anti smuggling in the last months of 2017
Customs and Market Management forces under Integrated Control Station of Km15 Dan Tien Pier (Quang Ninh province) coordinated to inspect the vehicle. Photo: Q.H

Accordingly, the member forces, Steering Committee 389 in provinces and cities focus on directing competent forces to follow closely the situation of the market, strengthen the work of information collection, grasping the situation of the management area, strengthen patrol and control in order to discover and handle strictly smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit.

The Customs and Border Defense forces have to strengthen to patrol and control in the border area, tracks, open path, area of 2 side gates of border gate, clearance area, and inspection area for import-export cargo.

At the same time, proactively setting up plans, proposing measures and management solutions for people who are usually cross the border, detecting, arresting and promptly handling smuggler who transporting counterfeit goods, fake goods and smuggled seafood.

Particularly, concentrating on inspecting, controlling and preventing fake goods, imitation goods, smuggled aquatic products and seafood; effectively prevent smuggling and transporting smuggled cigarettes; prevent the production, sale and transportation of firecrackers from China across the border into inland...

In the interior, the Steering Committee 389 of Quang Ninh requested the Police, Market Management, Integrated Control Station Km15- Dan Tien Pier to intensify the work of grasping the situation, clarifying the methods, tricks and rules of smuggling activities; arrest and strictly handle violations in business activities, transporting fake goods, imitation goods and aquatic products of unknown origin in the market.

In addition, the competent forces need to coordinate flexible with Agriculture and Rural Development Department to control and handle smuggled aquatic products which have been seized in order to prevent environmental pollution of rotten aquatic products.

In the third quarter of 2017, the competent forces of Quang Ninh province discovered and handling 533 cases of violations; collecting to the state budget over 12.6 billion vnd; Prosecution 5 cases / 9 subjects.

Smuggling and illegal transportation on shipping line in Quang Ninh province are still complicated and difficult to control. Notably, the smuggling activities of firecrackers, seafood, poultry, cigarettes and foreign wines in large quantities are still occurring. Those people use the motor boat with high power and navigation to operate in the night so it causes many difficulties for competent forces.

By Quang Hùng/Thanh Thuy