September 24, 2018 16:37

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Quang Ninh seized 499 tablets and suspected synthetic narcotics

16:02 | 10/04/2018

VCN – The integrated control station of Km15 Dan Tien Pier (Quang Ninh) arrested a person illegally transporting 499 tablets and some plastic bags containing powder suspected to be synthetic narcotics.

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Narcotics were seized by competent forces. Photo: Mạnh Cường

At 1:30PM on 7/4, while the working group was on duty at the traffic station (near barrier) of the station, they conducted a physical inspection of a car with license plate, 14A - 257.90 of Taxi VIP 766.

At the time of inspection, there were 3 people in the car: Vu Van Khoa was the driver, Nguyen Thi Thu (was born in 28/2/1995, lives at Gia Vien, Ninh Binh) was sitting in the back seat on the left and Pham Duy Hoa sat in the back seat on the right.

During the inspection, Nguyen Thi Thu was carrying a white cylindrical plastic bottle (about 20cm high, with a diameter of about 7cm) inside it contained 499 tablets, with a diameter of approximately 0.8cm, each with a three-pointed star (similar to the logo of Mercedes-Benz cars), and 2 white crystals, size about 1.5cm-2cm, suspected as narcotic; Four plastic bags containing powder (size 6cm-13cm) were suspected synthetic drugs.

Through the fight, Nguyen Thi Thu claimed that she was assigned to transport all the above goods for a Chinese whose name is A Nhị in Dong Hung, Guangxi, China to Vietnam, and there was to be a person to contact Thu for receiving.

The Integrated control station of Km15 Dan Tien Pier has made a record of arresting the offender; handing over the dossiers, subjects and all evidences to the Investigation Police Agency in Mong Cai City to continue processing.

By Mạnh Cường (Integrated control station of Km15 Dan Tien Pier)/Thanh Thuy