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Quang Ninh Customs: Actively collecting information for "post-clearance audit"

19:56 | 08/03/2018

VCN- In order to fulfill the criteria for the number of Customs post-clearance audits as well as the revenue collected through this work, Quang Ninh Customs Department is focusing on human resources to collect information and enhance efficiency.

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Customs operations in Mong Cai under Quang Ninh Customs Department. Photo: Quang Hung.

According to Quang Ninh Customs Department, as for the collection of information, if Customs forces carries it out more frequently, it will help cadres and civil servants link up their professional activities. It will be more effective especially when Customs officers check a large number of imports, exports and Customs declarations. Therefore, the leaders of Quang Ninh Customs Department always pay close attention to the implementation of the steps for collecting information to make a good selection of checking subjects. Along with that, Customs forces will both ensure the control of import and export activities, and help businesses improve compliance with the Law and reduce errors at Customs clearance.

In 2017, the export and import sectors were mainly export-import businesses; investment; machining; export production; temporary imports for re-exporting. Thus, Quang Ninh Customs Department has built specialized subjects in the fields of Customs valuation; inspection of the rate of mineral resources in the production of cement and clinker products for exporting; inspections of export production activities and investment projects.

In addition, Quang Ninh Customs Department also proposed many solutions to improve the efficiency of the work of Customs post-clearance audit. One of the solutions applied by Ninh Customs Department is to improve the quality of collection and analysis of information sources in order to select checking subjects and develop them. This helped the unit fulfill the task of exceeding the target of 290 cases for Customs post-clearance audit. In 2017, State revenues reached approximately VND 23.7 billion (exceeding 18.5% compared with the target) and the average detection rate was 26%.

From the beginning of 2018 to the end of 19 February 2018, Quang Ninh Customs Department issued 33 post-clearance inspection decisions, and collected VND 7.39 billion.

In 2018, the number of enterprises operating in import and export through the province has not changed much, the task of Customs in Quang Ninh Customs Department requires further innovation approaches to improve public quality as well as information gathering. Quang Ninh Customs Department is building a General Directory of activities of enterprises inside and outside Quang Ninh province to create a database of professional operations in direct service of practical operations. In particular, the establishment of multiple criteria will help the information to be diversified and confidential.

Based on the collected information, Customs officiers can easily filter, analyze, select and propose key checking subjects as a basis for Quang Ninh Customs Department to develop and propose a joint list. This plan will be submitted to the General Department of Vietnam Customs for approval.

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On 21 February 2018, the Chairman of Quang Ninh People's Committee Nguyen Duc Long signed the decision to award Certificate of Merit to 7 individuals of Quang Ninh Customs Department who made outstanding achievements in Customs post-clearance inspections. Individuals awarded the Certificate of Merit include: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga (Deputy Head of Customs Branch), Mr. Le Tri Dung (Leader of Team 1), Ms. Luu Thi Loan (civil servants), Ms. Luu Thi Sen (civil servant) and Mr. Le Cong Hung (civil servant) belonging to the Customs Branch of post-clearance audit; Ms. Pham Ngoc Linh - civil servant of the Office; Mr. Nguyen Doan Hiep - civil servant of Cam Pha Customs office.

By Quang Hung/ Hoang Anh