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Quang Ninh: Control border-residents’ activities to prevent smuggling

12:24 | 05/04/2019

VCN- Over 19,000 people travel between Viet Nam and China via   Mong Cai International Border Gate per day. This has caused concern for competent authorities regarding smuggling and illegaltransportion of goods across the border.

quang ninh strictly control border residents activities to prevent smuggling Bac Luan bridge connecting Vietnam with China opens to traffic
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quang ninh strictly control border residents activities to prevent smuggling
The Customs coordinates the Border Guard at Mong Cai International Border in carrying out immigration procedures. Photo: Quang Hung.

Hired for transporting goods

At Mong Cai international border gate, previously both passengers and import-export goods carried out Customs procedures at Bac Luan Bridge I, when Bac Luan Bridge II came into operation from 19 March 2019, it took all procedures for import-export goods and immigration procedures for passengers and border-residents are conducted at Bac Luan Bridge I. The Customs, Border Guard and Quarantine forces have actively assigned officers to process procedures to avoid disturbing the management at these units.

At Bac Luan Border Gate I, there are a large number of passengers and border residents who carry out immigration procedures.Customs and Border Guard forces are always on duty to instruct procedures for passengers and border residents; 100% of luggage is scanned on entry. In order to prevent congestion, the Customs and Border Guard forces have classified channels for passengers and border residents for a quick and smooth Customs clearance.

Because the number of passengers and border-residents travelling is increasing, Quang Ninh provincial competent authorities are concerned about the abuse of trading by border residents to smuggle and illegally transport across border gates, causing disorder.

Recently, the number of border residents trading and exchanging goods through Bac Luan Border Gate have increased compared to the same period in 2018. A number have abused the policy of 10 day intervals between visits to Dong Hung (China), they simply go to the middle of Bac Luan Bridge I to receive goods many times in a day.They are mainly residents who are hired by smugglers to transport goods to enjoy tax exemption policies of border residents. Although forces strengthen management, many residents do not comply, some smugglers incite people to protesttoput pressure on theforces at border gates.

According to Mong Cai Customs Branch, in the first quarter 2019, the branch has processed procedures for 1,721,249 passengers and border residents an increasing of 0.7% compared to the same period in 2018, of these, there were 811,215 exits and 910,034 entries. In March 2019, these numbers soared, up 196% over the same period in February.

quang ninh strictly control border residents activities to prevent smuggling
100% of luggage is inspected through the screening area. Photo: Quang Hung

Do not process Customs procedures for goods outside the list

The Border Guard force directed the Mong Cai Border Gate Station to strengthen the management of immigration, especially the traveling of border residents in accordance with regulations; control the flow of border residents in border-gate isolation areas; regulate and classify channels for border residents engaging in goods trading, and exchanging. Closely coordinate with the Customs force in ensuring order and security, suppressing objects that do not comply with regulations at the border gate.

Quang Ninh Customs Department has requested Mong Cai Customs Branch to assign specific tasks at each working position to guide and support border residents in declaring and carrying out customs procedures. Strengthen inspection and control for the goods trading and exchange activities, do not process procedures for goods outside the List stipulated in Circular No.02/2018/TT-BTC. Quang Ninh Customs has coordinated with the Border Guard force in ensuring security and order in the border gate area, it prevented and handledborder residents who carry out exit procedures and then go to the middle of Bac Luan Bridge to receive goods and return.Itstrengthened basic investigation andexchangedinformation with the police force on the disruptive and provocative subjects to handle. It has actively coordinated with China Customs to prevent smuggling and violations on carrying goods and products exceeding the norm at Mong Cai- Dong Hung border gate.

An officer of the Customs Enforcement Team of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch said that from the beginning of the year, the Branch has detected 3 cases, including 2 cases of illegal money transportation (seized 266 million VND), and 1 illegal transportation case of58 watches.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan