December 11, 2018 23:23

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Quang Ninh: Bonded warehouses are eligible for business condition

12:43 | 04/06/2018

VCN- As noted by the Customs Newspaper, all the bonded warehouses in Mong Cai - Quang Ninh have camera systems and fences to meet all business conditions; and Customs officers carry out surveillance for 24 hours per day.

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quang ninh cac kho ngoai quan deu du dieu kien kinh doanh
The Customs officers of the Mong Cai Customs Branch under the Quang Ninh Customs Department supervise the operation of bonded warehouses.

The leader of the Customs Supervision and Management Division, under the Quang Ninh Customs Department said that, from the Government's Decree No. 68/2015 / ND-CP on conditions for dealing in duty-free goods, warehouses and yards took effect, the Quang Ninh Customs Department set up a team to inspect the conditions for trading in bonded warehouses. In addition to reviewing and urging the warehouse businesses to improve the facilities, upgrade the image-recording system of surveillance cameras and management software, the Department also requested to arrange public servants for Customs supervision according to regulations. At the same time, the Department timely announced the suspension of operation of the bonded warehouse which was not eligible. For example, the bonded warehouse of the Hai Phong Trade Service and Import-Export Joint Stock Company in Quang Ninh province was suspended for a period of 6 months (from 29 December 2017).

Out of 18 bonded warehouses located in Quang Ninh province, 15 warehouses are located in Mong Cai city. By the end of 2017, when Customs correspondents attended here, most bonded warehouses had difficulty due to the large amount of inventory in stock. At that time, Quang Ninh Customs's inventories amounted to 1.5 million bales of cigarettes (equivalent to 1,500 containers) while only ¼ of containers were exported per day.

However, in the first 5 months of 2018, the volume of goods exported and imported into the bonded warehouses in the area is ongoing massively. For example, the bonded warehouse of Qufico Import-Export Joint Stock Company has 60-70 containers of cigarettes and alcohol containers.

The Mong Cai Customs Branch (under the Quang Ninh Customs Department) is assigned to manage 15 bonded warehouses in the area. From 11 April 2018 to11 May 2018, the Mong Cai Customs Branch conducted 586 Customs declaration forms, accounting for 15% of the total declaration. The total turnover reached $US 153.5 million, accounting for over 64% of the total import-export turnover in the area.

In the bonded warehouse of Qufico Import Export Joint Stock Company (located in Hoa Binh Boulevard, Ninh Duong Ward, Mong Cai City), the reporter found that the bonded warehouse was in the"favorable location", quite convenient for the circulation of goods. In addition to the surrounding walls, this bonded warehouse is equipped with a camera system, a gathering yard, a working office for Customs officers. The Customs office is equipped with an integrated computer with goods management software for bonded warehouses based on each item, subject to purchase, customs declaration; to meet the requirements of backup and data for reporting statistics.

Ms. Tran Thi Yen, the officer of Mong Cai Customs Branch, said that the bonded warehouse met the necessary conditions such as installation of surveillance camera system and fences, in line with the requirements of regular inspections and supervision by the Customs office (according to Decree 68/2015 / ND-CP). For example, the camera system is installed at every corner of the warehouses. All images from the time when the goods are transported into the warehouse to the time when the warehouse is out of control shall be sent to Customs officers through the screen.

Like the bonded warehouse of Qufico Company, at the bonded warehouse of Lam Viet Import-Export Co., Ltd, including cigarettes, cigarettes, alcohol, the Customs officer of Mong Cai Customs Branch, Mr. Nguyen Van Sam said that from the beginning of 2018 until now, the cargo traffic in and out of storage were stable. Throughout the inspections, this bonded warehouse also meets the conditions of the software for export and import management, camera system and fences.

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Apart from reviewing the bonded warehouse business conditions, the Quang Ninh Customs Department shall have to revise the strict inspection and supervision regime at warehouses. Accordingly, the Department shall request the Customs Branches to strengthen the Customs inspections and supervision of goods transported from bonded warehouses to export border gates and places of delivery to ensure strict management of goods. Accordingly, the Customs Branches must coordinate closely with the control team to provide timely, full information about the goods. On the other hand, bonded warehouse owners are required to reasonably arrange storage areas in the warehouse according to each import goods declaration. It is not allowed to share goods of multiple declarations at the same place to avoid the exchange of goods in bonded warehouses.

By Quang Hung/ Hoang Anh