June 05, 2020 17:16

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Quang Nam Customs: Tighten prevention of Covid-19 at border gate

10:31 | 31/03/2020

VCN – Customs units at seaport and border gates in Quang Nam area have implemented many solutions to support import-export activities and coordinate to prevent and control Covid-19 effectively.

quang nam customs tighten prevention of covid 19 at border gate
Leader of People’s Committees of Quang Nam province checked the epidemic prevention at Nam Giang border gate. Photo: A.N

Nguyen Hoang, Manager of Nam Giang Border Gate Customs Branch said that facing the complex situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the unit has promoted communication and allocated free face masks for people coming to implement procedures and border people. Competent authorities performing tasks at the border gate also conduct control of all types of vehicles to check the situation of transporting goods, especially items such as surgical masks and medical supplies through the border.

The unit has also coordinated with the competent forces to strengthen inspection against smuggling, especially trading and transporting endangered and wildlife animals - intermediaries likely to cause disease. Currently, competent forces have sprayed and disinfected vehicles to ensure safety in the prevention of Covid-19.

"Currently, Sekong province of Laos also temporarily closes the sub-border gate Daktaook (normally connected with Nam Giang border gate, Quang Nam province), so trading activities here are temporarily suspendedNguyen Hoang said.

Not only tightening epidemic prevention at the border gate, support for import and export activities, prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in the unit are of particularly concern for the leaders of Quang Nam Customs Department.

quang nam customs tighten prevention of covid 19 at border gate
HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union of Quang Nam Customs Department communicated to prevent Covid-19 epidemic.

Leaders of the department came to each customs branch to grasp information, gave directives on the prevention of epidemics, request customs officials wear masks and gloves in accordance with the regulations of disease prevention regulations as recommended by the Ministry of Health when performing physical inspection of goods, luggage and means of transport.

The unit has equipped customs officials who directly perform tasks in contact with passengers, means of transport, goods, luggage of passengers on exit and entry; customs officials carrying out patrol and control tasks in border areas with facilities, equipment and supplies for disease prevention and control under directives of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Regarding supporting enterprises, leaders of Quang Nam Customs Department instructed customs branches to exchange and grasp information from enterprises, especially enterprises related to countries where epidemics have arisen, in order to have solutions for assistance and processing timely.

At the same time, directing units to implement supporting solutions, facilitating enterprises, especially paying attention to facilitating clearance of goods, machinery, equipment and raw materials and supplies serving for production of businesses. In particular, prioritising to sovle the case of tax exemption for imported goods serving epidemic prevention in a timely manner and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Communicating, guiding and encouraging enterprises to make electronic declarations through the online public service system to limit direct contact.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy