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Quang Binh Customs has achieved the target collection 2 months earlier

16:00 | 09/11/2017

VCN- Until the end of 30 October 2017, Quang Binh Customs collected 105.66 billion, exceeding 0.6% of the assigned target (105 billion VND), reaching 88% of the target (120 billion VND), an increase of 32% compared to the same period in 2016.

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quang binh customs has achieved the target collection 2 months earlier
Quang Binh Customs has actively implemented administrative reform to facilitate import and export activities. Photo: Q.H

As of 7 November 2017, State revenues of Quang Binh Customs reached 106.8 billion VND, exceeding 2% compared to target assigned by the Ministry of Finance (105 billion VND) and reaching 90% of the target assigned by the General Department of Vietnam Customs (102 billion VND).

According to Quang Binh Customs Department, one of the remarkable achievements in revenue collection is that the Department has collected tax via commercial banks (under provisions in Circular 184/2015/TT-BTC dated 17 November 2015 of the Ministry of Finance).

Especially, the revenue collected via commercial banks was 91.4 billion VND, accounting for 86% of total revenue of the Department. This result contributed to shortening the time of transferring documents from State Treasury to the Customs and time of storage and quickly releasing goods, reducing arising cost and facilitating business in carrying out Customs procedures.

Besides the advantages, the implementation of provisions in Circular 184/2015/TT-BTC is still faced with obstacles such as the tax payment and collection via commercial banks is still not implemented out of working hour, out of transaction hour of banks, especially on Saturday, Sunday and holidays and Tet holidays. Therefore, the Customs and the State Treasury still have to arrange human resources to collect cash when incurring. Sometimes, in the process of transferring documents via the system, there are errors in the data transmission and system.

Implementing the scheme of e-tax payment via banks and Customs clearance 24/7, the Department has listed the criteria and conditions for application of tax payment and specific procedures for taxpayers at offices and sites carrying out Customs procedures and posted contents of propaganda on its website.

At the same time, assigning Customs officers to directly guide and persuade businesses for implementation; actively developing contact agencies to remove difficulties and obstacles arising in the implementation.

In order to increase State revenue, in the last months of the year, Quang Binh Customs has strengthened inspection of major and high-risk businesses, areas and commodities to promptly to detect, prevent, handle and avoid tax losses.

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The leaders of the Department have regularly directed subordinate units to synchronously deploy Customs supervision and closely collaborated with other competent agencies to prevent and fight against violations.

Until 15 October 2017, Quang Binh Customs detected and seized 90 cases of violation (a decrease of 29% compared to 2016).

The Department handled 75 cases and collected 367 million VND from fines, and collaborated with competent forces to seize and handle 15 cases. Infringing goods were seized including: Wood, firecracker, lead bullets, and sport ammunition, synthetic drugs, fruit, stalks, and roots of poppies and wildlife.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan