December 18, 2018 01:41

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Providing financial support for using irrigation public utility services

15:34 | 17/05/2018

VCN - The Government has just issued Decree 62/2018/ND-CP on funding for using irrigation public utility services.

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The subjects entitled to get financial supports for using public irrigation utility services include: The whole area of agricultural land used for research and trial production, the annual land area for planting trees with at least one rice crop in the year, the land area for salt production; All agricultural land allocated or certified by the State for poor households; The area of agricultural land within the limit of agricultural land allocation to the subjects as prescribed.

The highest level of support for agricultural land for planting rice in mountainous areas is 1,811 million VND /ha/crop; in the Red River Delta is 1,646 million VND /ha/crop; Northern Midlands and Northern region IV is 1,433 million VND /ha/crop; in the South of Region IV and the Central Coast is 1.409 million VND /ha/crop; in the Central Highland area is 1,629 million VND /ha/crop; The Southwest region is 1,329 million VND /ha/crop; The Mekong River Delta is 1 million VND/ha/crop.

The support level for plots of crops, vegetables and short-term industrial crops including winter crops, is calculated as 40% of the support level of land for planting rice.

The level of support applicable to salt production is calculated as 2% of the value of the finished product.

The above support level is the maximum support level based on the maximum price, applicable to each irrigation method in each region, and calculated at the channel headings of the water user organization to the focal project of irrigation. The actual support levels must be based on the support rates and specific prices decided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for exploitation of irrigation projects of the Central and the Provincial People's Committees granted the decision for exploitation of local irrigation works at the time of assistance.

The decree also regulates the responsibilities of the Ministry of Finance: Synthesize budget estimates and finalization of budget expenditures when implementing policies for support funds for the use of irrigation public utility products and services by the organizations of the Central and local organizations, and shall report to the Government for submission to the National Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the State Budget Law. To chair and coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in guiding, inspecting and supervising the use of funds to support the use of the local public-utility products and services. Guidance on the form of report on estimation and settlement of funds to support the use of irrigation public-utility products and services.

The Decree 62/2018/ND-CP is valid from 2/5/2018. The duration of funding support for the use of irrigation products and services shall be from 1/1/2017 till the end of 30/6/2019.

By H.Vân/Thanh Thuy