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Prosecute a case of importing illegally rhino horn over 6 billion vnd

09:50 | 18/04/2017

VCN -7 pieces of African rhino horn was hidden inside computer speaker and personal luggage has been seized by Tan Son Nhat Customs officers and competent forces at the border gate.

prosecute a case of importing illegally rhino horn over 6 billion vnd
Rhino horn was detected inside the personal luggage.

According to Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Branch, the unit has collaborated with Anti-smuggling crime Police Department (C74) – Ministry of Public Security and The Police Division on Economic Management Order and Positions – HCMC Public Security to discover and arrest 2 passengers including: 1 woman (34 years old) and 1 man (21 years old) entered the country from Africa. They transported illegally 7 pieces of rhino horn with a total weight of nearly 5kg. Those are the horn of Sumatra Rhino in Africa. It is very valuable and rare. The total value is estimated up to 6 billion vnd.

Those subjects had hidden sophisticatedly the rhino horns in personal luggage, household appliances, and computer speakers that aimed to escape competent force’s notice. However, through information collection and professional skills, Customs authority have detected timely and prevent the above case. Once again, this victory has contributed to affirming the determination of Vietnam in the commitment to protect wildlife and endangered species.

The Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Authority has proceeded to prosecute the case and continued to cooperate with other competent authorities to investigate and clarify the lines, groups and violated action of the subjects.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy