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Procedures to receive goods from abroad

16:15 | 15/03/2017

VCN - The Customs Newspaper has received questions from a reader regarding the procedures for receiving goods when ordering abroad, time to doing Customs procedure for these goods and what procedures do individuals have to do in order to receive goods?

procedures to receive goods from abroad
Customs professional activities for express goods.

In particular, the readers’ question is: making order on a foreign website then ship to Vietnam, goods are packed into a small package and shipped by post. Currently, the post office is informed that they have received the package and kept at HCMC Customs agency since 28th February 2017. However, after 1 week, consignee did not receive their package so they call to the post office and received an answer is waiting. Hence, reader wants to know how long does it take to do Customs procedures. And do they have to do some individual procedure proactively in order to receive their package?

Regarding that problem, the Legal consulting group responds as follows: Customs procedures for goods sent from abroad to Vietnam by post or express are implemented by post and express companies and pay taxes (if any) on behalf of the consignee. Currently, Customs procedures for receiving goods from abroad sent by post and express are very quick and simple.

Therefore, the delivery is quick or slow depending on the transportation of postal companies and express delivery. Therefore, readers should contact directly with the postal company for more detail.

By Legal Consulting Group/Thanh Thuy