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Procedures change for luggage and goods through international airports

08:04 | 13/10/2016

VCN - Director General of Genereal Department of Customs has signed Decision No. 3280 / QD-TCHQ on Customs procedures for luggage of people on exit and entry and goods carried in luggage as well as Customs surveillance at international airports.

procedures change for luggage and goods through international airports
Customs supervision through camera surveillance system at Noi Bai international Airport Customs Branch. Photo: N.Linh

This process defines the sequence and procedures for implementation: Luggage of people on exit and entry or transit at international airports; left-luggage before or after the flight of exit and entry; luggage lost, abandoned, mistaken by people on exit or entry at international airports. Furthermore, it applies to goods carried in luggage for exports and imports exit or entry; Vietnam dong in cash, foreign currency cash offer, put into a quarantine area, restricted area in the passenger terminal of international airport; Customs supervision of goods and luggage of immigration. Also for the transport means on exit and entry and operation of units related to the subjects specified in the Customs area of ​​operation in the ports of international aviation; Customs procedures for duty-free goods, goods sold in the region of Vietnam and fuel supply for exiting aircraft follow the regulations of the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, the subjects to be supervised are: The people on exit and entry; aircraft on exit, entry or transit; means of transport, staff and supplies, utensils of units providing catering services, fuel, cleaning, repair and maintenance, baggage handling and mining commodities in the area under the supervision of Customs; Luggage of people on entry and exit in the region and in time subject to Customs supervision; exports of goods taken from the station, areas for loading and unloading, transport, warehousing cargo area of ​​the aircraft apron posted to exit; import goods transported from the aircraft to the terminal entry of goods, loading and unloading areas, transshipment, warehousing cargo area; rations, supply of fuel oil, souvenirs of Vietnam origin selling on aircraft; selling duty-free goods on Vietnam aircraft exit and entry.

Customs agency carried out monitoring in accordance with the principles stipulated in Clause 2 and Clause 3 of Article 38 of the Customs Act; simultaneous application of risk management in Customs operations at international airports to carry out supervision and inspection of those subject to Customs supervision.

The process also clarifies the principle of checked luggage of people on exit and entry, transit and subject to Customs declarations, key people, through actual inspection seen with suspicion, or random checks made in the form of tests prescribed in this process.

The inspection of luggage of people on exit, entry or transit shall be made in the area or inspection room by Customs Branch, with surveillance cameras.

The inspection forms for luggage on entry or transit including: Do not check; check through the scanner; physical inspectation check luggage; body search in case there are grounds to determine the entry or transit, with smuggling, illegal transportation of goods across the border. The degree of screening including screening to detect suspicious baggage; screening to clarify doubts. Depending on the specific time, passenger information and the application of key risk management for the procedures for exit and entry, Director of Customs Branch screening decision for the luggage of people on exit and entry.

The specific sequence of steps for the implementation of Customs procedures for the luggage of people on exit and entry; goods by exit and entry carry luggage and Customs surveillance at international airports by the General Department of Customs process guidance issued with Decision No. 3280 / QD-GDC.

Decision No. 3280 / QD-GDC takes effect from the date of 30-9 2016, applied at the Customs International Airport Customs Branch and managing international airports, replaces Decision 2428 / QD GDC 2009; Decision 1165 / QD-GDC 2011; Decision 1973 / QD-GDC 2014 and Decision 3816 / QD-GDC 2014.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy