August 10, 2020 18:55

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Prime Minister agrees to revoke the license of exporting surgical masks

09:51 | 01/05/2020

VCN - The Government Office recently announced the conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the meeting of the Government on Covid-19 prevention on April 28.

prime minister agrees to revoke the license of exporting surgical masks
The Prime Minister agreed to revoke the license of exporting surgical masks under Resolution No. 20/NQ-CP of the Government dated February 28, 2020

Accordingly, the PM said that the anti-pandemic measures which have been applied by Vietnam, have been taken properly, timely, effectively, and at low cost.

However, the development of the pandemic around the world, including countries near Vietnam, is still very complicated, requiring all of Vietnam to take caution, absolutely not be subjective, and must be ready at a high level, especially for forces engaged directly in pandemic prevention and control efforts.

All levels, sectors and forces must continue to implement anti-pandemic strategy as proposed, prevent the source of disease and isolate all people entering Vietnam and infected people appropriately; quickly detect cases, localise the disease and treat effectively; closely monitor health of people who have recovered from illness and promptly handle relapse cases.

The PM asked the Ministries of Defence, Public Security, and Health to continue focusing on strictly implementing measures to control the risk of external transmission (via air, maritime, waterway, especially through land borders, paying attention through border gates or trails and openings).

Continuing to allow immigration for cases of technical experts, skilled workers and investors but they must apply isolation measures in accordance with the requirements of prevention and control of the pandemic.

"The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Security should coordinate with ministries and localities in working out plans for medical supervision of foreigners who entered Vietnam without applying isolation measure for 14 days," the PM said.

Continue to easing restrictions, gradually recover socio-economic activities, start actively and need to speed up in the fields which have high safety coefficients, based on ensuring strict prevention and control of the pandemic.

Ministries and localities should have a plan to reorganise production, business and service activities, especially import and export activities, as well as supply and demand of essential goods, appropriate with the infection risk level in each area. Noting the application of pandemic prevention measures must not be higher than requirements of the Prime Minister and must facilitate the development of production and business, stabilising the people's life.

The Prime Minister requested the executive committees and local authorities, especially at the grassroots levels, to pay attention to directing the implementation of the "dual goals" with the spirit of being proactive in deciding to apply prevention and control measures. At the same time, promoting socio-economic activities in accordance with the conditions of the locality.

The Prime Minister requested authorities immediately carry out necessary procedures, immediately remove barriers to export surgical masks, equipment, medical supplies, pay attention to management, supervising the quality of exported products. Welcome and appreciate corporations, businesses and units (such as Vingroup, Power University and others) for researching and manufacturing ventilators, equipment and medical bio-products for pandemic prevention and control in the country for and exports.

The Prime Minister agreed to revoke the license of exporting surgical masks under Resolution No. 20/NQ-CP of the Government dated February 28, 2020. The Government Office urgently asks for opinions of Government members about this.

The leaders of the Government also requested ministries, sectors and localities review the needs, strengthen management of medical equipment and devices procurement for pandemic prevention and control, ensuring transparency and publicity, promptly, avoiding taking advantage for profiteering. In case of detecting signs of violations, it must be transferred to inspection and investigation agencies for handling in accordance with regulations.

By D.Ngân/Thanh Thuy