September 21, 2018 22:14

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Prevent taking advantage of automatic clearance system for trade fraud

09:42 | 16/12/2017

VCN – Vice President of People’s Committee of HCM City, Director of Steering Committee 389 of HCM City Tran Vinh Tuyen, has directed the units in management area to concentrate on anti-smuggling and trade fraud within that Customs authority have to stop the use of automatic clearance system to commit trade fraud. 

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Smuggled goods were seized by HCM City Customs Department at Cat Lai port. Photo: Thu Hòa

Specifically, in order to fight against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit in Lunar New Year 2018, HCM City Customs Department need to strengthen control areas of inland border gate, seaport, airport and international post. They are to struggle with the phenomenon of taking advantage of the automatic customs clearance system to declare incorrectly the actual goods by failing to declare, or by declaring incorrectly, the names of goods, quantities, weight, origin and tax identification numbers. They are to stop smugglers benefiting from the system error by faking dossiers and documents in order to take goods which have not yet gone through customs procedures.

People's Committee of HCM City assigned to the HCM City Police to set up special projects, professional plans, fight, and destroy the smuggling lines and large-scale organization in the area. They are to strictly handle people who transport and do business with firecrackers, people who steal avgas for consumption, as well as strictly handle the transportation situation of illegally imported cigarettes, regardless of the danger from traffic on the key waterway and road routes.

The Market Management Department of Ho Chi Minh City should check and control the key areas; to inspect, detect and promptly handle all acts of transportation and storing illegally imported goods, prohibited goods, producing and trading counterfeit goods, and infringements of intellectual property rights.

Department of Finance of Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for checking the listed price, correct sale price as listed and registration price of enterprises that have participated in the market price stabilization program; the preparation of goods that would be served for consumers during Tet holiday, to inspect the compliance of service charges at wholesale markets, traditional markets, car terminals, entertainment centers, outlets, supermarkets, trade centers and car parking.

Furthermore, press agencies of HCM City should coordinate with competent forces to promptly reflect the situation and results of the fight against smuggling, trade frauds and counterfeits. They are to propagate and disseminate information to people about legal documents related to the fight against smuggling, trade frauds and fake goods; the negative impact on the economic and social activities of smuggling, production and trade of counterfeit goods and trade frauds.

The units should review all administrative sanctioning decisions which have not been executed yet (especially cigarette penalties), and to urgently implement or enforce sanctioning decisions. To review the entire number of infringing goods and stock evidence (including two-wheeled motorbikes) that are included in the sanction of administrative violations and the execution of judgments.

The People's Committees of districts have responsibility to strengthen the coordination to inspect and control at traditional markets, shops and food court stations to detect acts of trading smuggled goods, fake goods, unhealthy goods and trade frauds. Grasp the situation of storage, transshipment of smuggled goods, trade frauds and counterfeit goods in their management area. Intensify the inspection of business locations and services in their management area and to resolutely handle violation cases of commercial legislation compliance and prices.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy