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Positive results from "electronization" of the online supervision

10:21 | 31/07/2018

VCN- After over 1 year implementing the regulations on online supervision (issued together with Decision No.888/QD-TCHQ dated March 17, 2017 of the Director General of Vietnam Customs), the online supervision has gradually been in order, thereby, and cases that have not complied with regulations have been promptly directed, rectified and handled.  

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positive results from electronization of the online supervision
7 Operational Departments under the General Department of Vietnam Customs rotate in implementing online supervision at the Online Supervision Division (located at the GDVC’s headquarters. Photo: Q.H

It takes only minutes to process information

In the first 6 months of 2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has deployed technical solutions and continuously connected the surveillance camera system to strengthen the supervision at border gates and Customs check points such as Lao Bao International Border Gate (Quang Tri), Bo Y Border Gate (Kon Tum), Hoa Lu Border Gate (Binh Phuoc), VIP Greenport, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port, Container Scanning Center in Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and etc. The General Department Office has deployed the "electronization" system of the online supervision, ensuring that the information provision, supervision, handling and direction are processed in the electronic system.

Previously, the notification of directions of the unit in charge of supervision to individuals, units, and the reports on the results of performance of these individuals and units were sent by written documents or via telephone, fax and e-mail. Thus, sometimes these methods were not promptly implemented due to objective factors such as telephone line, fax and e-mail and etc. However, since the online supervision system was put into operation in July 2018, information from the unit in charge of online supervision has been regularly and continuously updated. At the same time, the process and information provision on receiving, feedback and notification have been closely monitored and directed.

Talking with the Customs Newspaper reporter, some Customs officers in charge of online supervision said that thanks to the application of the system, the information processing took only minutes, thereby, meeting requirement on quick and prompt process in the direction on inspection, supervision and handling of violations. Specifically, for the supervision, on 14th July 2018, the unit in charge of supervision under the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested to take a sample of the paper scrap shipment imported by P.D Company on 14th July 2018 at Hai Phong Container Scanning Center and transferred to the Customs Branch of Goods Verification No. 2 for verification. The initial results showed that the shipment was not eligible for import and handled in accordance with regulations. Besides, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has also strengthened the review and checked information on the tile imports, and the unit in charge of supervision directed to inspect many imported tile shipments at Cat Lai Port, Da Nang and Long An. Through the inspection, the Customs force detected and handled many enterprises who falsely declared the quantity, description of goods for tax fraud and evasion with the amount of arrears of hundreds of VND million.

In addition, the GDVC has also issued guidance documents on the inspection in Customs clearance when detecting many cases where falsely declared quantity, description, code of auto parts, tires, led, speakers with integrated amplifier; stopping Customs clearance to inspect exported consignments at Cat Lai, Hai Phong, DaNang and detected the false declaration in quantity and description for wood item.

Rectify Customs operation

The Customs’ online supervision has been implemented from the GDVC level to Customs branches at border gates. This work not only meets the requirements of immediately processing information but through suspicious information, it also helps the GDVC to promptly issue dozens of documents to warn and rectify Customs operation to promptly detect and prevent tax fraud and evasion as well as enhancing responsibility of Customs officers in performing their duties.

Typically, through grasping information on carrying out Customs procedures for titles imported from China, the Customs authority has detected that some enterprises took advantage of inaccurate information for imported goods for fraud in tax rate, Customs valuation or evasion of the implementation of management policies for imported goods.

Facing this situation, the GDVC issued Document No. 4125/TCHQ-GSQL dated 13rd July 2018 requesting units to collect and handle information pre, during and post-Customs clearance for title shipments imported from China to Vietnam to take measures to inspect, supervise and control the Customs clearance and post-clearance audit for these shipments. At the same time, the GDVC has requested Customs branches to collect and handle information for cases that have sign of violations such as information on selling goods on the market as glazed tile, however, enterprises declared as unglazed tile to reduce taxable value. Strengthening the dossier examination and physical inspection during carrying out Customs procedures for the tile imports from China with signs of false declaration on quantity, description and code by enterprises for fraud in tax rate, Customs valuation or evasion of conformity announcement.

Besides, the GDVC has requested Customs officers when carrying out the physical inspection and dossier examination for shipments with suspicious signs, need to strictly inspect criteria on description (glazed or unglazed tile), quantity, size to accurately identify code, Customs valuation of goods as the basis for the accurate determination for tax payable; implement physical inspection in accordance with classification of the system and directions of Customs branches’ leaders in Customs clearance; Specifically update information on goods in the system.

The GDVC has requested Customs units to review tile shipments imported from China which were cleared under heading 69.07 as per guided criteria, if detecting violation, the Customs units need to impose tax and handle administrative violation (if any) in accordance with regulations.

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Directors of provincial and municipal Customs Departments shall assign specific responsibility to each relevant unit. If Customs officers do not comply with Customs operational process and other relevant regulations and are abused by enterprises, they will be strictly handled.

If Custom officers violate in Customs operations, harassment or corruption, these officers and their head and deputy head of relevant units will be handled. At the same time, moving them to another position to enhance the responsibility of officers when performing public service.

After issuing document on urging and warning, the unit in charge of supervision of the General Department of Vietnam Customs coordinated with Da Nang Customs Department to strictly handle for Customs officers who did not comply with regulations on implementing physical inspection on 20th July 2018.

By Quang Hung/Ngoc Loan