September 20, 2020 21:59

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Police prosecute bogus company for smuggling

16:39 | 08/09/2020

VCN –In nearly three months, HCMC Customs Department discovered that Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company consecutively opened many false customs import declarations to evade tax. The case was prosecuted and investigated by the police.

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Police prosecute bogus company for smuggling
Smuggled goods were detected by HCMC Customs Department at Cat Lai Port. Photo: T.H

According to Sai Gon Seaport Customs Branch of Zone 1, Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company (Tax code: 0312957757, address in Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, HCMC) managed by Director and legal representative Hoan Thanh Hai, has been detected by customs for fraud in customs procedures to evade tax.

Accordingly, on July 25, 2017, this company opened two customs declarations to import two shipments of single silk yarn of 100% polyester (not folded and not up for retail sale), and the import tax rate is 0%. The total value of declared goods wasnearly VND1.3 billion.

Through inspection, Customs discovered that the actual goods of these shipments were polyester filament textured yarn with import tax rate of 3%. The total value of infringing goods was more than VND2.1 billion and more than VND156 millionof tax evasion.

On October 4, 2017, the company continued to open a customs declaration at the Saigon Seaport Customs Branch of Zone 1 to import a shipment with five commodities: food products in powder, jelly, liquid form (import tax rate of 15%), Milk Tea Plastic Cup (import tax rate of 10%), andelectric stone grinding mill (import tax rate of 25%). All these goods were made in Taiwan with a value of nearly VND370 million.

Through a physical inspection, the branch detected that the company failed to declare 50 conditional import commodities with high import tax rates, such as 500kg of non-branded tea, 600kg of non-branded pearl seeds,all subject to import tax rate of 40%; suspension fork, motorcycle IC (tax rate of 32%); canned coffee, chandeliers, shoes (tax rate of30%); cosmetics (tax rate of27%).

On October 19, 2017, Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company opened the import declaration at Saigon SeaPort Customs Branch of Zone 1 to import two commodities, including polypropylene textured yarn, untwisted, 30D and 40D, not folded and not put up for retail sale with import tax rate of 0%. The total valued of declared goods was over VND427 million.

Through aphysical inspection, Customs detected that the actual imported goods were polyester filament textured yarn, the import tax rate was 3% valued at more than VND431 million.

After investigating the violation, HCMC Customs Department identified the Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company did not operate at the registered business office, there were signs of smuggling, so the department transferred the case to HCMC Police for investigation and handling.

On January 8, 2020, HCMC Police issued a decision for prosecution of the smuggling case related to Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company.

Recently, HCMC Police detected that the director of Chinh Thao One Member Limited Company wasnot present at the residence and issued a wanted noticefor Doan Thanh Hai for smuggling.

By Le Thu/Ngoc Loan