September 20, 2020 05:34

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Piloting one time consultation and using that result many times

09:06 | 16/05/2020

VCN – The General Department of Vietnam Customs has issued a decision approving a pilot programme of one time consultation using that result several times (referred to as one time consultation programme). Accordingly, the consultation of customs valuation will only be performed once but the results will be used many times, contributing to reducing time and costs for both customs officials and declarants.

The one time consultation programme was built to create trade facilitation in inspection, consultation and determination of customs valuation for enterprises that have fullfiled law compliance, have a sense of cooperation and are engaged with Customs.

piloting one time consultation and using that result many times
Professional activities at Vung Ang Customs - Ha Tinh. Photo: Phan Trâm

The one time consultation programme also aims to simplify procedures, reducing time of clearance and release of goods, reducing the workload for Customs authorities and the business community in the work of declaration, inspection and customs valuation; improve  responsibility of customs officials in inspection, consulting, determining customs valuation; encourage compliance of enterprises in declaring customs valuation and cooperation with customs authorities.

In addition, the programme also aims to strengthen the management of valuation in the whole sector, preventing the issue of "goods moving" from places of determing high customs valuation to places with low customs valuation to implement cargo clearance procedure, causing revenue loss.

In particular, the one time consultation programme aims to standardise a standard data warehouse on the Customs Valuation Data Management System (the warehouse includes declarations that have been inspected and have a highly reliable price), establishing a data warehouse including customs valuation ​​determined or accepted by Customs authority, with high reliability and being used for the whole sector.

According to a representative of the Import and Export Duty Department, the one time consultation programme is the application of consultation results of the previous import-export to subsequent import-export activities within a customs branch or multiple customs branches under a customs department or many customs branches  belonging to different customs departments by following the process of issuing and applying notices using  results of one time consultations many times.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy