July 14, 2020 07:17

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Person predestined for drug cases

12:33 | 07/05/2020

VCN - Looking at the number of cases that the leader of the drug prevention and enforcement team (NgheAn Customs Department) Ho Sy Thang and his team in coordination with authorities successfully destroyed in the past three years, you can see his “predestination" on the front of drug crime prevention.



person predestined for drug cases More than 1,000 customs violations handled in April
person predestined for drug cases Nghe An Customs coordinates to seize 3kg of meth
person predestined for drug cases HCM City Customs seizes more than 18kg of ecstasy hidden inside postal package
person predestined for drug cases
Two criminals and seized goods were a case broken under the direction of the leader Ho Sy Thang

On a rare occasion talking with him, listening to stories, we understand difficulties and hardships in the duty performance of an experienced officer in control work like him, especially in the drug war.

He said the area managed by the unit is very large and the mountainous terrain is difficult to access, the economic life and the intellectual standard of the mountainous people is still low, easy to be tricked by bad people, so communication and  struggle against drug-related crimes face difficulties. Meanwhile, drug criminals are increasingly taking risks with sophisticated tricks and methods, making it difficult to fight drug crimes. In particular, the number of experienced cadres and civil servants in drug prevention and fight at the unit is still insignificant and most of them lack specialized training in investigation skills.

Through his story, we understand more about drug combat and prevention, which always contains hidden dangers and challenges, obstinate criminals who are ready to use weapons to fight back against competent forces when detected and pursued. Therefore, the role of the leader in motivating and encouraging the civil servants in the team is extremely important, requiring the leader to be experienced and flexible and assertive.

When asked about a typical case, he humbly told us about the case when the Anti-drug and enforcement team and Nghe An Border Guard arrested two people carrying a large volume of drugs from Laos into Vietnam in mid-2019, with the seized material evidences 60,000 synthetic drug pills and two kgs of stone drug and one grenade.

Thang shared that to ensure the success of cases, there are many factors, in addition to good understanding of the situation of each case, it need attention and timely directions by superiors, followed by timely and synchronous coordination of the unit with other forces in the area, effective deployment of scouting and information collection and verification, the understanding of routes offenders often travel to make effective seizure plans and especially efforts and solidarity of the customs officers in the unit.

Quick and decisive in command work, ready to face danger, leader Ho Sy Thang always upholds the spirit of the assault, and together with civil servants in the team made many victories in the fight against drug crimes, said NgheAn Customs Department’s Chu Quang Hai.

Though taking many positions, Ho Sy Thang always learns, trains, upholds the exemplary spirit, promotes capacity and dignity of the leader, and advises the Department’s leaders to develop many plans and guided and coordinated with colleagues to investigate and destroy many drug cases.

From 2017 to the present, leader Ho Sy Thang and all civil servants in the team have collaborated with forces in the area to investigate, successfully break more than 40 cases, arrested 50 criminals and seized 12,743 kgs of synthetic drug, nearly 13kgs of stone drugs and 15.8 kg of heroin and many related exhibits.

person predestined for drug cases Nghe An Customs arrests suspect transporting 3,600 tablets of narcotics

VCN - According to Anti-Drug Enforcement Unit (Nghe An Customs Department), the unit cooperated with the police ...

With outstanding achievements in the fight against drug-related crimes for many years, he has been awarded Certificates of Merit by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Director General of Customs. Those achievements have shown more clearly thepredestination of a quick, responsible and devoted leader in leading and guiding civil servants in their task performance.




By Dao Le/ Huyen Trang