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Owner of smuggled new drugs shipment was detected to import illegal medical equipments before

20:50 | 15/05/2017

VCN – Regarding the case of smuggling new drugs which were worth nearly 5 billion vnd recently, Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Branch  - HCMC Customs Department said that, earlier, the unit has discovered that the company broke the regulation so the unit reported to competent authorities to follow and arrest.

owner of smuggled new drugs shipment was detected to import illegal medical equipment before
The shipment of new medicine that is worth more than 5 billion vnd

According to Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Branch, on 3/5, Bee Logistic Corporation (located at 39B Truong Son Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) that lead by Mr. Dinh Huu Thanh as director (was born in 1975, lived in 4 zone, Cam Thuong Ward, Hai Duong City) has done Customs procedure for the shipment declared as new drugs including 41 packages (nearly 500 tablets of specific for all type) with weight of nearly 1 tons, worth nearly 5 billion vnd. The shipment was transit to Cambodia through Moc Bai International Border gate (Tay Ninh) and completed Customs procedure in accordance with regulation to transport the shipment to cross-border Vietnam – Cambodia.

Considering as a trick of a company that aims to escape competent force’s notice for slipping in Vietnam, Customs Branch conducted professional measures to inform, collaborated to Department of Crime Prevention of smuggling (C74) – Ministry of Police in order to closely monitor the transport route of the above shipment. As a result, the competent force detected the shipment were slipped into Vietnam in the dawn of 9th May 2017 via a track of Moc Bai International Border gate. The Branch also together with Police force seized the shipment that originated from transit goods.

Earlier, in April of 2017, Tan Son Nhat International Airport Customs Branch also discovered a shipment of medical equipment that was used CT scanner. However, Bee Logistic Corporation declared the shipment was brand new goods 100% that aimed to elude from an application for a certificate of Ministry of Industry and Trade when doing import procedure. The shipment was including 10 packages, the weight of 5,7 tonnes, the total value is over 3.2 billion vnd with the same transit method to Cambodia.

owner of smuggled new drugs shipment was detected to import illegal medical equipment before
The shipment of medical equipment of Con Ong Company was seized by Tan Son Nhat Airport Customs

Recently, some subjects have taken advantage of transit goods to Cambodia for smuggling – this is a new smuggling trick. Customs authorities have enhanced to inspect and control strictly this route. They continue to detect and seize many smuggled cases. In particular, in some cases, the subjects broke seal and exchange goods fraudulently right on the transport route, slipped in the domestic market for consumption or transported goods to Cambodia then found a way to return goods to Vietnam by road line between Cambodia and Tay Ninh province, An Giang or Binh Phuoc,… in order to slip in Vietnam for consumption.

By Lê Thu/Thanh Thuy