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Over VND96 trillion of G-bonds mobilised

20:20 | 09/08/2018

The State Treasury of Vietnam has raised a total of 96 251 trillion VND via auctions of Government bonds at the Hanoi Stock Exchange HNX since the beginning of this year

over vnd96 trillion of g bonds mobilised

At an auction this week, the State Treasury mobilised VND3.95 trillion (US$169.5 million) from five-year and seven-year bonds worth VND500 billion (US$21.4 million) each and 10-year bonds and 15-year bonds worth VND2 trillion (US$85.8 million) each.

The interest rate of bonds still increased slightly.

Specifically, bonds with 10-year maturity raised VND1.55 trillion (US$66.5 million) with an annual interest rate of 4.53%, up 0.03% from the previous auction on August 1.

Sub-session auction of 10-year bonds drew VND600 billion (US$25.75 million) with the yearly interest rate of 4.53%.

Those with 15-year term attracted VND1.2 trillion (US$51.5 million) with an annual interest rate of 4.81%, up 0.03% in comparison with the rate of the previous auction on July 25, 2018.

As many as VND600 million was mobilised from 15-year bonds at the sub-session auction with an interest rate of 4.81% per year.

No bonds of five-year and seven-year terms were sold.

Source: VNA