September 24, 2018 05:25

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Over VND 386 billion was collected via e-tax payment 24/7

07:54 | 03/01/2018

VCN- According to the representative of Import and Export Duty Department, within over 2 months of e-tax payment 24/7 implementation, currently 3,022 transactions have been implemented and VND 386.18 billion of tax was collected via e-Customs Portal of the General Department of Viet Nam Customs (GDVC). This figure continues to increase day by day.

over vnd 386 billion were collected via e tax payment 247 Nearly 100% businesses nationwide carried out e-Tax declaration
over vnd 386 billion were collected via e tax payment 247 The Taxation has implemented over 300 online public services at multiple levels
over vnd 386 billion were collected via e tax payment 247 The Tax sector continues to develop the applications to satisfy the new tax management process
over vnd 386 billion were collected via e tax payment 247
Customs operation at Cai Lan Customs Branch, Quang Ninh Customs Department. Photo: T.Tr

Representatives of banks implementing e-Tax payment 24/7 said that the Banks’ customers used this service and many businesses registered debit account authorization and implemented tax payment.

According to the bank representatives implementing tax payment 24/7, customers are interested in benefits where they can actively implement tax payment anytime, anywhere and by any means. The tax payment does not depend on working time and working places of collection authorities such as Banks, the State Treasury and Customs.

In order to further facilitate tax payers, the GDVC has also upgraded the e-Customs Portal by adding a two-step payment function (documentary making and payment confirmation) and function of tax payment authorization (taxpayer authorizes the payment). In addition, standardizing responses to taxpayers in cases where payment request from 24/7 e-Tax payment and Customs clearance Portal were not transferred to banks’ portals.

The 24/7 Tax payment and Customs clearance scheme was officially implemented by the GDVC since 23th November 2017 and applied pilot with 5 banks including Vietcombank, VietinBank, BIDV, MBBank and Techcombank. Continuously expanding tax payment 24/7, on 12th December, the GDVC signed coordination agreements with 6 banks including Sacombank, Mizuho Bank LTD, SCB, VPBank, HDBank and LienvietpostBank. Currently, 12 banks have participated in tax payment 24/7 (with the addition of TPBank).

According to a representative of Import and Export Duty Department, in order to further expand e-Tax payment 24/7, the GDVC sent official letters to other commercial banks which were signed in preparation for the coordination agreement. Accordingly, banks that meet requirements and conditions of the 24/7 tax payment scheme on upgrading the portal will be participating in the 24/7 tax payment program.

By Thu Trang/Ngoc Loan