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Over 70,000 items subject to specialized inspection

10:06 | 07/08/2019

VCN - From 2015 to now, there are 12,600 items subject to specialized management and inspection. In particular, many ministries and sectors have cut down thousands of items.

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The amount of goods items subjected to specialized inspection and management of ministries and sectors. Sketched by T.Bình

The information was annonced in the fifth meeting of National Steering Committee on ASEAN Single Window (ASW), National Single Window (NSW) and Trade facilitation (Committee 1899) on July 31.

Accordingly, in 2015, there were 13 ministries and sectors promulgating 82,698 items subject to specialized inspection and management.

In particular, the Ministry of Argiculture and Rural Development had the largest number with 65,185 items, accounting for nearly 79% of the country’s total.

The other five ministries have a number of goods subject to specialized management and inspection from one thousand or more at that time: the Ministry of Health was 5,730; Ministry of Industry and Trade was 5,096; Ministry of Science and Technology was 3,434; Ministry of Transport was 1,433; Ministry of Information and Communications was 1,034.

By the middle of 2019, the total number of management and specialized inspection was 70,087, decreasing by 12,600.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is also the unit that has the biggest decrease with 7,623 items.

However, the number of items cut has not been strong enough compared to other ministries and branches, therefore, the proportion of goods to be managed and subjected to specialized inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by 2019 has increased to 82% of the whole country.

According to the explanation of the competent authorities, many items under management and specialized inspection are difficult to cut because they must comply with international commitments.

For example, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has up to 24,950 items which must comply with the management under the International Convention on Trade in Endangered Wild Animals and Plants (CITES).

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy