September 21, 2018 22:16

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Over 2,000 Honda cars haven’t completed Customs procedures, commercial automobiles still missing

11:00 | 06/03/2018

VCN – Over 2,000 Honda cars have arrived in Vietnam but the enterprise hasn’t completed customs procedures, while a number of automobiles under 9 seats imported for commercial purposes have disappeared.  

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Over 1,000 Honda cars are transported to SCPT - Hiep Phuoc port but the enterprises has not completed customs procedures. Photo: T.Hòa

According to the preliminary statistics from General Department of Vietnam Customs, during the week from 23/2 to 28/2, the whole country has 47 completed automobiles of all kinds registered for import customs declaration, with total value of $US 1.9 million.

In particular, with all the imported cars for special purpose usage, there are no trucks or cars under 9 seats or over 9 seats. The number of imported vehicles into Vietnam this time through the northern and southern border is 22 units and 25 units respectively.

Special purpose usage vehicles imported last week originated mainly from Korea with 24 units, equivalent to $US 504,000; from China there were 12 units, with the value of $US 124,000; from Japan there were 8 units, equivalent to $US 315,000.

With the result of import-export activities this week, the number of automobiles imported from the beginning of the year to the end of February increased to 490 units, which is much lower than the same period last year.

According to the preliminary statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, last week, the imports of components and parts of automobiles reached $US 68 million.

In particular, these commodities originated mainly from Thailand with turnover of $US 14.6 million; South Korea with $US 13.4 million; Japan with $US 11.8 million; China with $US 10.8 million; Indonesia with $US 6.1 million.

Thus, the above five markets account for 83% of the total import value of automobile spare parts in the country.

Regarding to the shipment of 2,004 Honda cars, with 4 models: Jazz, Accord, CR-V and Civic that were recently transported to SCPT-Hiep Phuoc port in HCM City. 1,054 cars have been unloaded at SCPT port - Hiep Phuoc to carry out customs clearance procedures in Ho Chi Minh City (it is expected that enterprises will come to do procedures next week) for distribution in the South, the remaining of 950 cars are to be transported to Dinh Vu port (Hai Phong).

As known, the 2,004 Honda cars are the first car shipment imported into the country under the new type of car import conditions since the beginning of 2018, after the enterprise was granted automobile approval certificates by the Thai authorities.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy