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NSW application to the agricultural sector: determination, initiative for success

09:45 | 09/01/2018

VNC - The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is one of the units which has the highest number of administrative procedures implemented under the National Single Window (NSW) mechanism, and also has achieved many positive results. That comes from the determination, flexibility and initiative of each unit in the whole sector.

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nsw application to the agricultural sector determination initiative for success

Quarantine is one of the most effective areas implementing NSW. Photo: N. Thanh.

Receiving and handling over 158,000 dossiers

Officially connecting with NSW from June 2015, so far MARD has deployed 11 administrative procedures according to NSW in 7 units under the Ministry including: Directorate of Fisheries, Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Department of Livestock Production, Department of Animal Health, Plant Protection Department, Department of Crop Production and National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department. From the beginning of the year to 1st December 2017, the MARD has received and handled 158,857 electronic dossiers through the NSW Portal. Of which, 149,720 dossiers were processed and granted with certificates electronically, and 9,137 dossiers have been being processed.

According to Deputy Minister of the MARD Ha Cong Tuan: During the past time, the implementation of NSW in MARD and its subordinate units has created favourable conditions for businesses. Typically, the simplification of dossiers and the change of the way in solving administrative procedures from receiving paper dossiers into electronically granting certificate have helped businesses significantly to save costs, reduce Customs clearance time, improve competitiveness and step by step meet the requirements of regional and international integration.

"Next time, the MARD will implement phase 2 of NSW for 25 new administrative procedures in 5 units of the Ministry including: the Department of Animal Health, Department of Livestock Production, Plant Protection Department, Department of Crop Production and Directorate of Fisheries. Besides, the ministry will also continue to expand online services at 4 levels nationwide for administrative procedures implemented under the NSW; and develop and finalize the promulgation of Regulations on NSW implementation at MARD and units, " Deputy Minister Ha Cong Tuan said.

Drastic guidance and flexible deployment

How has the MARD implemented NSW to achieve positive results?

Responding to the question, Mr. Ngo Hong Giang, Director of the permanent office of administration reform (MARD) said: during the past time, in order to accelerate the development and provision of online public services, including the implementation of NSW at the ministry, the ministry's leaders has issued drastic guidance to facilitate people and businesses in solving administrative procedures and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management of the ministry.

"Besides, it can be said that the deployment and provision of online public services in general, deployment of NSW in particular at the Ministry have strongly guided the leaders from Department of Livestock Production, Plant Protection Department, National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department, and Department of Crop Production and Directorate of Fisheries, and have implemented the close collaboration between agencies under the MARD, " Mr. Giang said.

Among the units under MARD implementing NSW, Department of Livestock Production was highly appreciated for its positive, quick and effective deployment.

Sharing the experience of the unit, Mr. Hoang Thanh Van, Director of the Department of Livestock Production said: the key is to do the training well because the NSW deployment involves hundreds of staff and businesses. For example, at the beginning of NSW deployment, MARD only required Department of Livestock Production to organize two training courses, but the Department has actively organized 6 to 7 courses. The requirement is that the participants in the training courses must be staff who directly work with computers and are not the unit leaders. Especially in the early stage, when the transmission line was limited or obstructed, the Department had been flexible and active to propose to install a separate transmission line for the NSW application.

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Talking to a Customs news reporter, representatives from some units under the MARD also said that, in addition to the efforts of the units in the agricultural sector, one of the key factors contributing to the success of NSW implementation in the agricultural sector is an enthusiastic coordination and support from the Customs. Typically, when receiving feedback from businesses on difficulty in capacity of file attachments via NSW Portal with a maximum of 2MB, Customs IT and Statistics Department has tried to collaborate, recover the difficulty and increase the maximum capacity of the attached file up to 30MB. This not only helps business enterprises declare dossiers more easily and interested in NSW, but also helps the units receive and handle dossiers conveniently, preventing the dossiers being blurred and unclear.

Ms. Pham Thi Tham, a staff of an Import Export JSC in Thai Binh city said she doesn’t feel pressured when conducting NSW

The Import Export JSC in Thai Binh city often exports pork to Hong Kong market with low frequency, so the company only applies for a certificate of export animal quarantine once or twice a month. Sometimes, when carrying out the procedures for issuing a certificate of export animal quarantine under NSW, the system had problems, so the company had to take several days to complete an application. This delayed the issuance of the certificate, which directly affected the business as well as the relationship with customers of the company. At such times, the company must visit the headquarter of the Animal Health Agency to submit the application. At the same time, contacting the single window division of the Customs for assistance.

However, in recent times, the system has gone better than previous times. The system is operating smoothly and the company is also familiar with NSW application, so the work is carried out smoothly and meets less obstacles. The company no longer feels pressured when filing an application.

Mr. Pham Van Nghia, a staff of Enzyma Co., Ltd.: Many difficulties and problems have been solved

Enzyma Co., Ltd. mainly imports fertilizers from the US market with the frequency of 1-2 shipments per month. Accordingly, the company applies for import license for fertilizer products once or twice a month. The company has implemented the procedure for licensing for import of fertilizer not subject to the list of permitted production and business, according to NSW, for long time and so far, this is now quite familiar. NSW offers many benefits to the company such as saving more time than by submitting a paper application. Because the company is familiar with the NSW, filling the application on the NSW portal is easy. The completion of the procedure usually takes only 1-2 hours, even 30 minutes. Previously, the company took several days with paper applications.

Besides convenient declaration and quick processing, some difficulties and obstacles in the past have been solved by the parties concerned, such as errors in transmission line and machinery. Particularly, before the implementation of the procedure for “licensing for import of fertilizer not subject to the list of permitted production and business," according to NSW, the application of digital signature was very difficult, but it now is also removed.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, a staff of Thai Binh Seed Corporation: the declaration of dossiers according to NSW is quite quick and convenient

The company has implemented the procedure for "Licensing for import of plant seeds not listed in the list of permitted business and production in Vietnam" according to NSW and found many benefits. The company is located in Thai Binh, and previously when the company imported plant seeds, the company staff must go to the Department of Crop Production in Hanoi to submit the paper application. Sometimes, the staff must wait a whole day to handle the application. Now, the NSW has removed almost all of the problems and made the declaration quick and convenient.

By Duc Quang

By N. Thanh/ Huyen Trang