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Nghe An: Handling 80 operations making mistakes in operating petrol

09:03 | 31/10/2017

VCN – According to the statistic from Steering Committee 389 of Nghe An province, recently, anti-smuggling forces in the area have conduct inspections, fighting against smuggling, trade fraud of petrol in the management area. Accordingly, there are 314 operations were inspected, handling 80 operations and sanction administrative violation nearly 872 million vnd. 

nghe an handling 80 operations making mistakes in operating petrol
Competent force inspects solvents for thinning gasoline. Source: Internet

The violations are mainly caused by measuring, sale low-quality gasoline does not fix the price of petrol in a retail store or does not have qualified business certificate and other violations.

Especially, regarding operating low-quality petrol, Nghe An police detected 2 enterprises mixed A92 gasoline with coloring matter, Solmix of Thanh Ngu Co., Ltd, and Sau Hang Trading Co., Ltd. Competent authority are holding violated facilities in custody for making a foundation in order to handle and expand the specialist case. A representative of investigation police agency revealed that they going to prosecute this case in order to deter misbehavior in operating petrol in the area.

Regarding the case, Nghe An police coordinated with Department of Science and Technology, A71 (Ministry of Public Security) to catch Thanh Ngu Co., Ltd (locates in Dien Cau Ward, Nghe An province) pouring down solvent from car tank into the basin in their store. Ministry of Public Security directed Nghe An Police to urgently investigate, expand investigation and conclusion in order to handle violations in accordance with law, announce the results on mass media for deterrent, preventing violations in operating petrol. Ministry of Industry and Trade coordinated with Ministry of Science and Technology to strengthen state management in petrol operation, timely handling fraudulent and violations; ensuring the quality of gasoline in the market meets the standard in accordance with regulation as well as petrol operation complies with the law, protect consumers’ rights.

As known that, currently, there are 2 hub enterprises, 6 contributors, 675 retailers that meet the demand of business development and people’s lives, even in the remote area. It contributes to the socio-economic development process of Nghe An province. Those are essential elements for the socio-economic development but also favorable conditions for the people to take advantage of smuggling and trade frauds.

Additionally, Nghe An has a long sea route and large fishing boats regularly operating offshore thus the control of petrol operation on the sea is very difficult.

Recently, in a meeting with the Steering Committee 389 of Nghe An (which took place on 25/10), Mr. Dam Thanh The, Chief of Permanent Office of National Steering Committee 389 emphasized that, Nghe An province should strengthen inspection and control of the market in order to implement better the provisions of law in petrol and oil operation; To promptly detect and strictly handle violations in import, production and doing business of petrol and oil by traders in accordance with provisions of law. Since then, preventing tax loss, ensuring the interests of consumers and stabilize the petrol market in Nghe An province.

Mr. Le Xuan Dai, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee, Director of the Nghe An Steering Committee 389, said that in the coming time, Nghe An province will focus on inspection subjects such as hub enterprises, general agencies, retailers and owners of means of transport for petrol and oil in the province. For the line of border area on-land, they will be focused on inspection, control at the main gate as Nam Can, Thanh Thuy as well as the side gate like the Tam Hop, Ta Do, Thong Thu, Cao Veu and trails in the border area. The borderline on the sea shall focus on inspecting and controlling at the sea areas of Hoang Mai, Quynh Luu, Dien Chau, Nghi Loc, estuaries and main canals,...

Furthermore, Steering Committee 389 of Nghe An has directed the competent forces including Customs, taxation, Border Defense, Police, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Industry and Trade ... to implement synchronous measures to detect violations in import, production and petrol operation.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy