November 21, 2018 09:02

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Nghe An Customs collaborated to seize 4,000 tablets of synthetic narcotic

15:41 | 12/06/2018

VCN – Through the discussion with Customs News reporter, representative of Nghe An Customs Department said that, the Anti-drugs Enforcement Unit (Nghe An Customs Department) has collaborated with Anti-Drugs and Crime Prevention Division (The commander of Nghe An Border Defense force) and Keng Du Border Post Station, Na Loi Border Station, to successfully close special project 370L by arresting a subject transporting 4,000 tablets of synthetic narcotic.

tin nhap 20180612092854
4,000 tablets of synthetic narcotics. Photo: Nghe An Customs

Accordingly, at 11:15 AM on 9/6, in the area of Huu Mu village, Huu Tu commune, Ky Son district, the working group successfully closed special project 370L, by arresting Xong Giong Re (50 years old) at Pha Noi, Dooc May commune, Ky Son district, due to committing an act of drug trafficking across the border.

Through the investigation of Re’s body, the working force seized 4,000 synthetic narcotics (386,740 grams) that were hidden in the back of his waist band.

Just one hour later (at 12:15 PM), in Block 2, Kim Son town, Que Phong district, Nghe An province, Tri Le Border Station in collaboration with Anti-Drugs and Crime Prevention Division (The commander of Nghe An Border Defense force) also discovered Va Ba Tu (nickname is Va Nhia Xenh) was born in 1989 and lives in Muong Long village, Tri Le commune, Que Phong district, Nghe An province while transporting 1,400 tablets of synthetic narcotic.

Va Ba Tu claimed that those narcotics were owed by an unknown person in Laos, and transported for the price of 3.5 million VND per package.

At present, the competent forces have completed the dossier, prosecuted the case and handed over to competent agencies for further investigation.

Before that, at 1:15PM on 8/6, the working group of My Ly Border Guard Station (Nghe An Border Defense force) was on duty in the area of Huoi Pún village, My Ly commune, Ky Son district and detected Cut Thi Hoai (was born in 1984, lives in Huoi Pún village, My Ly commune, Ky Son district) hiding 40 packets of heroin and 4 tablets of synthetic narcotic.

Representative of Ky Son police said that the unit has received the case from the My Ly Border Station to investigate in accordance with their competence.

By Đảo Lê/Thanh Thuy