April 05, 2020 01:02

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New regulations on collecting infrastructure fees in Cao Bang, the highest rate is VND 6.5 million per container

20:18 | 10/01/2020

VCN - From January 1, 2020, Cao Bang Province has implemented a new resolution (Resolution 39/2019/NQ-HDND) of the Provincial People's Council on the rates, payment, management and use of the fees collected from infrastructure work, service projects and public services in the border gate area in Cao Bang province.

new regulations on collecting infrastructure fees in cao bang the highest rate is vnd 65 million per container
Import – export goods at Ta Lung Border Gate (Cao Bang province). Photo: T.Bình

Types of vehicles subject to specific fees as follows:

Case 1: Vehicles transporting temporary import and re-export goods and goods deposited in bonded warehouses were liable to a fee of VND 6.5 million/container for 40-feet containers; trucks with 20 feet containers were charged VND 5.5 million per container.

In case of other freight vehicles, the collection level would be VND 200,000/ton.

Case 2: For vehicles transporting goods in transit and goods orginating from aboard, the collection rate was VND 6.5 million/container for a 40-foot container truck; truck with a 20 foot container was charged VND 5.5 million/container.

For vehicles transporting petrol and oil products, the fee was VND 70,000/ton; vehicles transporting other goods would be charged VND 200,000/ton or m3.

With agricultural products, trucks with a tonnage of 18 tons or more; container trucks with 40 foot container would be charged VND 5.5 million/vehicle; truck with a tonnage of between 10 tons and under 18 tons; container trucks of 20 feet would be charged VND 4.5 million/vehicle; other vehicles would be 100,000 VND/ton.

Case 3: For vehicles carrying other export and import goods, for vehicles transporting goods which were agricultural products, live animals, poultry originating from Vietnam for export or imported goods which was taxable would be charged VND 25,000/ton or m3 as prescribed; vehicles transporting other export and import goods would be charged VND 100,000/ton or m3.

In addition, in cases where the vehicles were transporting many different types of goods packed together in the same container, when paying the fee, it would be based on the declaration under current regulations. If any type has higher value of customs declaration, the charge level would be applied for that type of goods.

For shipment of temporary import and re-export goods, transit goods, goods deposited in bonded warehouses but enterprises have paid the fee for using infrastructure works (to be collected from border gate means) service projects and public services in the border-gate economic zone into the state budget of Cao Bang province but cannot export goods through border gates, customs clearance points, and points of inspection of exported goods at the place of collection, they should follow two options: places of export in Cao Bang province, it would be charged any additional fees; places of export outside Cao Bang province, it would refund the fees already paid.

Rates, collection, remittance, management and use of charges for use of infrastructure works, service facilities and public utilities applicable to border areas in Cao Bang province (including: international border gates, main border gates and sub-border gates, entrances, pairs of border markets, clearance points for import and export goods permitted by competent authorities, referred to as border gates) in Cao Bang province.

Payers are owners or operators of means of transporting goods exported or imported in or out of areas of border gates, sub-border gates, entrances, pairs of border markets and goods clearance points import and export are allowed by the competent authorities.

By Thái Bình/Thanh Thuy