September 20, 2020 02:28

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New information technology solutions promote efficiency

09:52 | 01/05/2020

VCN- Social distancing amid the Covid-19 pandemic has not caused disturbances in handling import-export procedures and customs clearance for businesses due to the information technology solutions that have been deployed by Dong Nai Customs Department.    

new information technology solutions promote efficiency Dong Nai Customs supports businesses in context of reduced revenues
new information technology solutions promote efficiency Enterprises appreciate the connection and support activities of Dong Nai Customs
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new information technology solutions promote efficiency
Officers of Dong Nai Customs Department handle work on the DNa-Office system. Photo: T.G

Reduce direct contact

Nguyen Mac Quang Trinh, Head of Import-Export Division, Quadrille Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Bien Hoa City - Dong Nai province) said that in recent days, the company does not have to work directly with customs to carry out import-export procedures and submit reports and dispatch, because all procedures are carried out via the customs-enterprises information exchange system (Dna-Info system). Pham Van Hiep, Head of the Import-Export Division of Fashion Garment Company also appreciated the effectiveness of the Dna-Info system has brought, especially during the pandemic. The system helps the firm fully comply with the Government's requirements on social distancing when direct contact is not required. All official dispatches and documents are exchanged on the system, the company does not have to work directly with the Customs, saving time and costs and avoiding the risk of disease spread.

Nguyen Huong Chi, Head of Customer Service and Import-Export Division of Shiseido Vietnam Co., Ltd said the DNA-Info system has not only helped the company save time and costs but also monitor the progress of receiving and processing official dispatches by customs offices. For example, recently, customs sent a written request to inspect the on-spot import and export, so the company checked and sent a report via the system and did not have to print the report to submit directly like before.

According to Chi, online solutions have made a striking difference between Dong Nai Customs Department and other State agencies. Specifically, in recent times, the company has imported raw materials of plant origin, so an application for Cites permit is required. Although the application for this permit has been implemented via the online Public Service System, this permit is still issued in a paper form, so the company still has to receive the permit directly. “During the pandemic, State agencies have worked alternately, so the issuance of this permit has been also delayed. Sometimes the company came to receive the permit but officers stopped working during social distancing or leaders went on business so the permit was not signed. Sometimes, it took nearly two weeks for the company to receive the permit, while goods arrived at the port and cost for storage per day was high. With this work, if must be quarantined, the company could not receive the permit from specialised management agencies,” Chi said.

Mutual benefits

All subordinate units of Dong Nai Customs Department have sent dispatches via the DNa-Info system. Besides answering problems on the Dong Nai Customs Department’s website, businesses can also send questions and be answered on this system. More than 1,500 businesses have set DNa-Info system and more than 17,000 documents and 1,000 questions have been processed on the system. Initially, the department’s goal in deploying this system was to minimise contact between Customs officers and businesses. Therefore, this system has promoted efficiency in recent times in accordance with the Government’s directions.

Besides DNa-Info, Dong Nai Customs Department has set up the DNA-Office system to exchange documents among departments. The department has requested to process 1,200 dispatches on the DNA-Office system. The system monitors, directs, handles and dispatches in a modern, scientific, fast and timely manner to better support management and administration of leadership and manage the work of staff and officers, while saving time and costs.

Dong Nai Customs Department also performs effectively the modernisation programmes of the Customs sector such as VNACCS/VCIS, VASSCM, and online public service system. The department has processed 100% of administrative procedures via the Customs systems and 105 procedures on the online public service system, including 102 administrative procedures at level 4 and three procedures at level 3. From the beginning of the year to now, the department has processed 3,200 dossiers on the system, increasing the total number of dossiers processed through the system from March 1, 2017 to now to 28,000 dossiers. Dong Nai Customs Department is always in the top five in the whole sector in terms of the number of dossiers processed through the online public service system.

According to Dong Nai Customs Department, the DNa-Info system is an information technology system invested and built by the department, implemented internally and expanded to businesses to provide, receive and handle information relating to the specialised operations of customs authorities and the import-export activities of enterprises. This system operates based on coordination between Customs authorities and enterprises in exchanging two-way information quickly, accurately and reliably. Accordingly, enterprises only need to scan the dispatch, sign the number and send it on the system. At the Customs authority, the archives unit also receives and sends the dispatch to the processing unit and does not have to scan and re-enter the contents of documents.

By Nguyen Hien/Ngoc Loan