June 06, 2020 21:09

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Nearly 900 containers undergo physical inspection via mobile scanning machines

18:48 | 23/05/2020

VCN – Since conducting the first container screening with a mobile scanning machine (August 2019 to the end of April 2020), Gia Thuy Customs Branch has scanned a total of 883 containers and 114 trucks.

nearly 900 containers undergo physical inspection via mobile scanning machines
Eagle M60 mobile scanning machine

Previously, Gia Thuy Customs Branch was assigned by the Hanoi Customs Department to receive and manage the use of an Eagle M60 mobile scanning machine, aiming to improve the efficiency of physical inspection of goods and reducing clearance time. Thereby, it has contributed to the reform and modernisation of the working methods of the Customs authority.

After about eight months of deployment, the mobile scanning machine has scanned 883 containers and 114 trucks. According to Gia Thuy Customs Branch, the average time for scanning was about 15-20 minutes, including: time directing the vehicle to the position, X-ray scanner, image analysis, data entry and cargo clearance. This has significantly reduced time compared to manual methods.

According to the leaders of Gia Thuy Customs Branch, before they had a mobile scanning machine, physical inspection of goods took a very long time and was costly because they had to open the package and the container to check each part as stated in the dossier.

Now, when conducting physical inspection of goods via scanning, it has significantly reduced time to complete the procedure with very accurate results; except in cases that require physical inspection in accordance with the regulations. Enterprises will save costs such as loading, opening and closing containers.

By N.Linh/Thanh Thuy