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More import – export duty collected via electronic payment

09:01 | 23/07/2019

VCN  - By implementing non-cash payments, in the first six months of 2019, the amount of import – export duty paid via electronic payment was 162,944 billion VND/175,728 billion VND, accounting for 92.72% of total revenue collected by the whole Customs sector.

tin nhap 20190717100646
Professional activities at Thai Nguyen Customs Branch - Bac Ninh Customs Department. Photo: T.Trang

The Customs sector has implemented non-cash payment for taxes, fees and customs fees through credit institutions. The payment at credit institutions, especially commercial banks coordinating with the General Department of Vietnam Customs, has been effective and helped taxpayers.

Currently, the number of banks cooperating with the General Department of Vietnam Customs is 39, including 22 banks participating in electronic tax payment and 24/7 customs clearance. Only the tax amount paid through 24/7 electronic tax system is 13,550 billion VND/162,944 billion VND, accounting for 8.3% revenue collected via electronic method.

The above results show that the form of electronic tax payment has continued simplifying procedures of tax payment, saving time and costs for businesses and opening more payment channels for taxpayers. Enterprises can pay taxes wherever there is internet at anytime and anywhere. The tax payment would not depend on working time or the working place of the agencies such as: Bank, State Treasury, Customs.

To promote the reduction of tax payment time and facilitate businesses, especially large import-export enterprises with many declarations and enterprises operating at border gates in the condition of non cash payment of taxess and fees, the General Department of Vietnam Customs have been implementing additional electronic tax collection service that was collection through banks.

Accordingly, when enterprises incurred tax debts, they would ask Customs authorities to transfer tax payment information to banks that have been authorized for tax payment. Customs authorities would transfer the tax debt information of the declaration right after the debt arises to the bank. Then the enterprise that authorized the bank would automatically use debit account in accordance to usage limit at the bank and certain time.

Along with that, continuing to promote cooperation with the bank to implement the pilot of 24/7 electronic tax payment in order to ensure that taxpayers can pay taxes at anytime and anywhere.

By Thu Trang/Thanh Thuy