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Mong Cai Customs supports enterprises in a creative manner

18:44 | 14/06/2019

VCN- From June 8, the Customs and Enterprises Relationship Management system (CERM) has allowed enterprises to access and interact with Customs authorities. This is part of creative support by the Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch (QuangNinh Customs Department) to accompany and remove difficulties for enterprises.

mong cai customs supports enterprises in a creative manner Mong Cai Customs has carried out Customs procedures for self-driving car from 1st June 2018
mong cai customs supports enterprises in a creative manner Mong Cai Customs prosecute a case of illegal transport of 322 million VND
mong cai customs supports enterprises in a creative manner Mong Cai Customs seized more than 1 kg of synthetic narcotic
mong cai customs supports enterprises in a creative manner
Interface of CERM system.

This is the first time this new system has been applied across the Customs sector to receive assessments on service quality by customs authorities, thereby helping authorities improve the quality of public services, administration and develop Customs-Business partnerships.

The system allows users torecord the whole process of support, interaction, solving difficulties and obstacles for each enterprise with Customs authorities such as sending email, SMS and feedback.

Databases of enterprises are clarified into groups, import and export business sectors, and management areas to support and supervise effectively.

The system also allows decentralizing and assigning tasks to each unit and individual to interact and support each group of enterprises or enterprise. Leaders of the units are permitted to assign tasks and assess quality for each officer according to each period.

The CERM system also allows enterprises to access and interact directly with Customs authorities and assess the satisfaction level for each field group such as the quality of service attitude, capacity qualification, difficulties in carrying out customs procedures as well as feedback on problems and evaluation to customs authorities.

According to Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch, the deployment of the CERM system is part of basic contents related to the key questions in the survey of the Customs Department Competitiveness Index conducted by QuangNinh Customs Department.

This function allows enterprises to access,evaluate and feedback directly to Customs authorities "anytime, anywhere" through the network environment.

Each enterprise will be provided with one account by the Customs authority to sign on to the system to interact and assess the quality of services of the customs office.

The implementation of CERM has shown the policies and inquiring spirit of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch in receiving comments and feedback of enterprises to improve management as well as improvequality for people and enterprises.

The efforts to change thinking, acting, approaching and removing difficulties for enterprises, and considering difficulties of enterprises is the difficulty of the Customs, the success of the business is the success of the Customs office, support and accompanying with enterprises of Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch will be more effective.The CERM system includes two subsystems: Subsystem for Customs and Subsystem for Business.

The system is built on the web platform at the address,allowing unified management, sufficient database on importers and exporters including tax codes, addresses, emails, date of establishment, name, date of birth, phone, email, fanpage of the directors, heads of divisions, departments, import-export staff, customs units managing them, customs units opening declaration and satisfaction level through annual CDCI evaluation results.

By Ngoc Linh/ Ngoc Loan