July 07, 2020 08:53

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Mong Cai Customs: Change to “retain” enterprises

09:42 | 03/06/2020

VCN – Instead of “providing what customs authorities have”, “providing and supporting what enterprises need”, learning, grasping difficulties and problems to find solutions for enterprises to overcome difficulties, instead of waiting for businesses to ask. This is how customs officials of Mong Cai Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs Department) have changed their thinking to "retain" enterprises coming to do procedures.

mong cai customs change to retain enterprises
Centralized management model at Mong Cai Customs Branch. Photo: Q. Hùng

Luu Van Do, Director of Do Van Tourism Service and Trading Co., Ltd said that in recent times, thanks to timely support from Mong Cai Customs Branch, enterprises were facilitated in handling customs clearance. For example, during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Customs Branch maintained a business support group to receive documents from remote, as well as responding to all questions of businesses via email and hotlines 24/7. This was also a condition for ensuring smooth operation of cargo clearance process, without causing congestion of goods.

"In addition, Mong Cai Customs Branch implemented software to develop Customs-business partnerships. Enterprises only needed to login to the system to respond and interact with Customs authorities at all times, everywhere, limiting direct contact between Customs officials and businesses," Do emphasised.

At Mong Cai Customs Branch, currently, there are 459 enterprises participating in import and export activities. Up to the middle this May, the Customs branch handled procedures for 13,584 import-export declarations; with total turnover of more than $1 billion.

In recent years, leaders of Mong Cai Customs Branch have concentrated on finding ways to nurture and attract more businesses to implement procedures. Because of that, from changing the mindset in supporting businesses, via communication and supporting businesses, the Customs branch took business as key point, focusing on removing difficulties and creating favorable conditions for enterprises operating import and export activities in the area.

Leaders of Mong Cai Customs Branch shared that the Customs branch has focused on improving the management and administrative ability in every working aspect, enhancing grassroots competitiveness (CDCI), improving the quality of customs officials, thereby improving service quality. In addition, synchronous implementation of administrative reform and customs modernisation measures to cut customs clearance time, reduce logistics costs and labor costs for businesses. It was also thanks to improving the quality of the work, reducing clearance time for businesses an important condition in "retaining" the businesses that were doing procedures and toward attracting other businesses.

At present, Mong Cai Customs officials and employees are supporting businesses via Customs-business partnership management software (CERM) developed and implemented by the unit. CERM software allows businesses to participate in assessing the quality of the Customs service. This is the basis and important data in management and administration, improving service quality, improving the satisfaction and trust of businesses so businesses are committed to continue implementing procedures at the unit or attracting businesses from other places to come to carry out procedures.

For three consecutive years, Mong Cai Customs has always been atop the leading unit of CDCI's index of Quang Ninh Customs Department. Recently, the Customs branch received a Certificate of Merit for outstanding and unexpected achievements in the early stage of preventing and fighting the Covid-19 pandemic awarded by the People's Committee of Mong Cai City.