September 22, 2018 12:20

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Ministry of Finance: Determined to dismiss negative officials

16:39 | 15/04/2018

VCN- Regarding the management of human resources in Finance, Mr. Pham Duc Thang, Acting Head of the Organization and Personnel Department, under the Ministry of Finance, said that the Ministry of Finance regularly inspected and supervised civil servants and staff to promptly handle those who commit acts of harassment, negativity, causing difficulties and troubles to enterprises.

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bo tai chinh kien quyet dua ra khoi nganh nhung can bo thoai hoa bien chat tieu cuc
Mr. Pham Duc Thang.

Recently, the mass media has reported some negative cases by some individuals who are officials of Finance. As soon as the information is available, the Government's Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance have requested the Finance to inspect and report. Could you please tell us about the results of handling these cases to date?

In recent days, the media has reflected upon two negative cases in the performance of public servants of the Propaganda Division - Taxation Department of Quang Ninh province and officers of Customs Branch of Dinh Vu Port - Hai Phong Customs Department. As soon as the media reported, the Ministry of Finance as well as the General Administration, have promptly implemented measures to deal with the violated officers.

Specifically, in the case of Mr. Hung, Deputy Head of Propaganda Division - Tax Department of Quang Ninh province, he was suspended from work from 5 April 2018, just one day after the discovery.

For the case at the Customs Branch of the Dinh Vu Port in Hai Phong, after the information in the Labor Newspaper on the morning of 9 April 2018, the Ministry of Finance sent a letter to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, on Minister Dinh Tien Dung's request to promptly clarify the content of the press, and strictly handle units and individuals that commit violations according to regulations and report them to the Minister of Finance before 9 am on 10 April 2018. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance directed the units under the customs system to strictly carry out inspections, examination and internal control work, to detect in time acts of violation committed by officials and employees, and resolutely dismiss them.

On 9 April 2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs sent a written request and the Hai Phong Customs Department decided to immediately suspend the relevant Customs officers, and requested clarification and handling of responsibilities of heads and individuals who have committed violations.

Suspension of work is only the first step to review and clarify. After clearly determining the seriousness of violations, the decision on disciplinary forms shall be made in the spirit of strict handling procedures according to the Party's and the Government's regulations on disciplining of public servants.

Violators will be disciplined. So, what are the role and responsibility of the head of the units in the situation of violation?

The Ministry of Finance is a multi-sectoral management ministry, which is assigned by the Government to manage State finance and budgets and other important areas of the economy, including sensitive sectors such as taxation, Customs. There is direct contact among civil servants and people, enterprises, with the structure of nearly 10,000 focal units from central to local and a large number of civil servants and employees of more than 70,000 people.

The management of public servants, employees and laborers of the Ministry of Finance has a strong assignment and decentralization program to ensure the promotion of the role of the heads of agencies, organizations and units to manage the contingent of cadres and civil servants under their respective management. In parallel with the decentralization of management, the Ministry of Finance also regularly inspects and supervises the performance of civil servants as well as personnel management to promptly handle those who commit acts of harassment, negativity, causing difficulties and troubles to enterprises.

The Finance has dealt quite severely with violations. However, in order avoid violations in Finance in the coming time, what are the solutions that the Ministry of Finance should do, Sir?

In the coming time, the Ministry of Finance will continue to strongly implement the Party's policy, the law on corruption prevention to create a positive change, to prevent harassment and negative officials, employees and workers in the Finance. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance will concentrate and continue to implement some main solutions as follows:

Firstly, strengthening the leadership, directing and promoting the role and responsibility of the party committees, the heads of the committees, the agencies, organizations and units in the anti-corruption, anti-negative activities harassment during the performance of public duties; to raise the sense of responsibility of cadres and civil servants in the performance of official duties through propagation and dissemination of the Party's policies as well as the State's policies and laws at the 4th plenum of the XI plenum, XII, Directive No. 05 of the Prime Minister, Directive No. 26 of the Prime Minister and the Directives of the Party Committee and the Minister of Finance on strengthening discipline.

Secondly, the Ministry of Finance shall continue reforming administrative procedures, improving the investment and business environment, enhancing national competitiveness under Government Resolution No. 36a / NQ-CP and Resolution No. 19 / NQ-CP, Resolution No. 104 / NQ-CP dated 9 October 2017 on the simplification of administrative procedures. Accordingly, it is necessary to reduce the direct contact between people and enterprises with regard to officials and public employees by expanding the implementation of electronic invoices nationwide; accelerating tax payment online, implementing electronic tax refund; to carry out risk management in tax inspection and examination, to combine administrative reform and modernization with consolidation, rearrangement and organization of units in the direction of streamlining, transforming the management model from pre-inspection to post-inspection.

Thirdly, further make concrete plans for strictly implementing Resolution No. 39, Resolution 18 and 19 of NQ-TW of the 6th plenum of the XII Central Committee on further renovation and reorganization of the streamlined, efficient and effective political system.

Fourthly, continue reviewing, formulating and concretizing the regulations, processes and procedures in cadre work in line with the regulations of the Party, the State and the Government, in line with reality, to ensure publicity, transparency and uniform implementation.

Fifthly, build a contingent of clean and strong cadres and civil servants who have all their political and professional ethics and proficiency; intensify and effectively carry out the rotation and change of working positions. In sensitive areas, it will shorten the time required to rotate staff, in addition fostering civil servants in different environments and conditions.

Sixthly, intensify the inspection, examination and supervision of the observance of the Law on public servants and public employees, especially the performance of public duties at the places where such requests are directly handled in order to prevent, detect and handle in time. Severely punish officials and public employees who commit corrupt or negative acts and strictly handle the role and responsibility of the heads of their units for wrongdoing, corruption or negativity.

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President Ho Chi Minh said "Staff is the root of all work. Success or failure depends on staff". Therefore, in addition to the preventive measures, detecting and handling the above mentioned cases, each staff member and civil servant of Finance must train himself or herself to be virtuous, talented and sufficiently qualified, in line with the reform of the country.

Thank you Sir!

By Hong Van/ Hoang Anh