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Ministry of Finance actively coordinates with other ministries to support more enterprises

18:52 | 30/11/2018

VCN - Over the past time, the finance sector has made positive changes in administrative reform, which is appreciated by the business community. In order to obtain this result, one of the activities that the Ministry of Finance has done is to organize dialogue meetings to listen to the concerns and aspirations of enterprises. The interview with Mr. Hoang Quang Phong (pictured), Vice Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) - the unit coordinated with the Ministry of Finance for holding annual dialogues with enterprises on this issue.

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ministry of finance actively coordinates with other ministries to support more enterprises
Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

What do you think about the reform of administrative procedures of the Ministry of Finance in the field of tax and customs?

To carry out the tasks assigned by the Government, the Prime Minister on reforming administrative procedure and reduction of business conditions to create favorable conditions for the people and enterprises, the Ministry of Finance has directed the synchronous implementation on all, both financially and positively. This makes a practical contribution to facilitating the production and business, raising the national competitiveness for enterprises.

It is clear to us that the tax office and customs have made great efforts in accelerating the reform of administrative procedures and applying IT in their management work. These efforts have always led to the Ministry of Finance being one of the leading ministries in administrative reform of the Government.

According to reports from the Vietnam Fatherland Front in collaboration with VCCI, the Vietnam Association of Business Associations, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and the business community recognized and appreciated the efforts of the reforms of administrative formalities by the Ministry of Finance in the field of taxation and customs.

In addition, the reform results in the financial sector are also reflected in the index of administrative reform. Over the past four years (2014 - 2017), the Ministry of Finance has consistently ranked among the top 3/19 ministries. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is poised for ICT development and application for the fifth consecutive year (from 2013 to 2017), ranking first among ministries.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance has actively reformed administrative procedures, creating more favorable conditions for businesses. How do you evaluate answering the petitions and obstacles of enterprises, as well as supporting enterprises carrying out the procedures with policies relating to the field of tax and customs in the past?

Through contact meetings, dialogue meetings between the Ministry of Finance and enterprises, most of the business community’s recommendations received by leaders of the Ministry of Finance, and representatives of tax agencies and customs, have been responded to and answered in detail. However, when there are also proposals beyond their competence the Ministry of Finance must propose to higher levels.

The current practice shows that most of the contacted companies usually contact only the focal point, so enterprises only assess slow or fast clearance because of these agencies. But the process and procedures related to tax policies and customs also relate to other ministries and sectors, so the time to solve problems is often long and time consuming, and when it takes a long time with so many tax agencies, it is Customs "Injustice" because of these delays.

Therefore, the responsibility of agencies such as VCCI and business associations is to explain to the enterprises about the specific working procedures of tax, customs, then enterprises will have sympathy with the tax authorities, customs, and it is expected that the Ministry of Finance will closely cooperate with relevant ministries and sectors to actively remove difficulties for enterprises.

In order to improve the efficiency in the propaganda of related legal policies as well as to record and deal with problems for enterprises in the course of business and production, what do you suggest to the Ministry of Finance?

In the relationship between management agencies and enterprises, it is the responsibility of both sides to create a deeper relationship. The business community is ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Finance Taxes, Customs in their work and also the Ministry of Finance to make more innovative changes in their management. Specifically, in order to improve the efficiency of operation, in addition to administrative reform, the Ministry of Finance, tax agencies and customs should have a mechanism to be able to listen and receive opinions of people and businesses more. On that basis, there are proposals to amend and supplement policies to ensure favorable conditions for people and enterprises, while improving management effectiveness in the fields of finance, taxation and customs. In particular, the Ministry of Finance should strengthen dialogue, direct exchange and promote the role of the head of units to gradually reduce the gap between the tax administration, customs and business community and associations. Promote and innovate the form, how to timely catch and solve problems and difficulties of enterprises, while helping businesses understand and grasp policies timely. Thereby, improving legal compliance and not only contributing to bringing financial policies and legislation to life, but also effectively exploiting "channel" feedback from the business community on financial and legal policies.

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VCN- Ministry of Finance has issued a report after consulting from ministries, sectors localities, organizations and individuals ...

We also ask the Ministry of Finance to have more specific forms of propaganda so that businesses can understand what procedures they need to do and what they should do to implement fiscal, tax and customs policies. The operation of enterprises is favorable and this also shows the positive cooperation as well as the mutual interaction between management agencies and enterprises.

In addition, businesses want to have more regular training and guidance, especially for newly issued documents and procedures. In particular, I suggest that the Ministry of Finance can gather the questions that enterprises often ask, to give specific answers in a bunch of documents, book, or publicized on the portal, and if enterprises have a question, they can go there to look up the answer.

Thank you Sir!

ministry of finance actively coordinates with other ministries to support more enterprises

Mr. Vu Van Hai, Deputy Director of Legal Department, General Department of Customs: Bringing the quality of the dialogue into depth In the past years, customs reform has always been identified by the General Department of Customs as one of the key tasks, taking the satisfaction of enterprises as a measure. The quality of the dialogue with enterprises is increasingly in depth, practical for the customs authorities in the formulation of policies, reform of administrative procedures, facilitate enterprises ...

According to the business community at the dialogue meetings, in the past time, the Customs has taken the initiative to solve difficulties and problems for enterprises, the conference is greatly appreciated and welcomed by enterprises.

Since the conference of business dialogue in 2017, the General Department of Customs has continued to reform administrative procedures in order to comprehensively reform the management and import-export policies in line with international treaties and free trade agreement, customs law, export tax law, import duty and related laws.

Accordingly, the Customs Department has reviewed, reduced, simplified from 239 procedures to 183 procedures as of today. VNACCS / VCIS system has been deployed in 100% of customs offices nationwide, with 100% of procedures automated, and over 99.65% of enterprises participating in customs procedures electronically. The majority of administrative procedures have been simplified by the General Department of Customs on paperwork, actively implemented many activities, electronizing many procedures, reducing administrative procedures in customs and helping businesses shorten the time for customs clearance of goods ..., creating maximum conditions for businesses.

With the motto of "listening, understanding, sharing, cooperation, companion", in the coming time, the customs sector will pay more attention to the organization of seminars on topics, focusing on the issues that businesses are interested in to really become a useful tool in resolving disagreements between the parties.

Written by H.Nụ

ministry of finance actively coordinates with other ministries to support more enterprises

Deputy General Director of Taxation Cao Anh Tuan: Willingness to listen to comments from business Over past time, the tax branch has promulgated policies and circulars guiding tax in a timely manner and elaborated specific programs of action to reduce administrative procedures and reduce the time for tax payment and filing time for tax payers, customs declarer; Applying IT to tax administration and customs.

However, in the process of applying policies into practice, there are difficulties and obstacles. Therefore, the tax department is willing to listen to the comments from enterprises to continue improving the policy; At the same time, answer the problems of enterprises to promote production and business activities.

With the difficulty of business on tax policies, after the conference, the General Department of taxation will gather and report to the Ministry of Finance. It is likely that problems are due to enterprises which have not understood correctly or incomprehensible understanding from the tax department ...

If from the tax authorities, we will have documents to guide and direct the tax department that has specific guidelines for enterprises. With small businesses, their accounting departments are not specialized, so tax will be coordinated by the Tax Advisory Association of Vietnam to support and give free tax advice for businesses. Written by Thùy Linh

By Xuân Thảo/Bui Diep