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Ministry of Defense implements 13 procedures on the Vietnam National Single Window

15:53 | 05/06/2019

VCN - Up to now, Vietnam People's Coast Guard (Ministry of Defense) has implemented 13 procedures on the National Single Window and received and processed 13,442 cases for declaration of procedures for ships, boats with 516 businesses participating.

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People and enterprises made border procedures at International Border Gate Cau Treo (Ha Tinh). Photo: H. Su

In particular, 12 procedures on the National Single Portal and 1 internal procedure on the electronic border portal.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Defense has implemented administrative procedures under the National Single Window to ensure the objectives, content and progress meet the requirements of the Government, contribute to the reform of administrative procedures and create favorable conditions for agencies, organizations and individuals in commercial activities.

For the ASEAN Single Window, the Ministry of Defense has not participated in implementation. However, the Ministry of Defense system will connect ASEAN Single Window when it has a policy of the Government.

Recently, the Ministry of Defense advised the Prime Minister to issue Decision No. 15/2019/QD-TTg dated March 28, 2019, on the implementation of electronic border clearance procedures at the border set by the Ministry of Defense’s management. This is the legal basis for the Ministry of Defense to implement new administrative procedures through the National Single Window.

The connection of border gate information portal with the National Single Window to receive and process information of people and businesses meets the requirements. However, at some point, the declaration and processing of information on the National Single Window, then transfer the declaration information to the specialized procedure is still slow.

Although the Ministry of Defense's administrative procedure portfolio implemented through the National Single Window in 2019 is 13 procedures, according to Decision No. 15/2019/QD-TTg, the number of procedures is adjusted to 10 procedures, so it is necessary to amend the list of Decision 1254/QD-TTg.

In the future, the Ministry of Defense continues to implement administrative procedures on the National Single Window, ASEAN Single Window; coordinating with the General Department of Customs to review and report to the Prime Minister to adjust the list of administrative procedures of the Ministry of Defense to implement under the National Single Window in 2019 in accordance with Decision 15/QD-TTg.

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At the same time, coordinate with the functional agencies of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport to unify the professional process, the set of information indicators to connect the electronic border-gate procedures according to the National single window.

By Đao Le/ Phuong Thao