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Minister of Finance welcomes President of Daiwa Group

08:50 | 07/12/2017

VCN- On 5th December, the Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung had a working session with Mr. Takashi Hibino- President of Daiwa Group of Japan.

minister of finance welcomes president of daiwa group After equitisation, the land used for the wrong purpose will be withdrawn
minister of finance welcomes president of daiwa group Public non-business units permitted to apply business accounting regime
minister of finance welcomes president of daiwa group Supervise strictly operation of derivative market
minister of finance welcomes president of daiwa group
Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung and President of Daiwa Group in the working session.

Minister Dinh Tien Dung congratulated Daiwa Group for its strong development and growth as well as positive business investment prospects in Vietnam.

According to the Minister, after 10 years of implementation in Vietnam, the Daiwa has conducted positive activities such as: coordinating with Sai Gon Securities In.c to establish investment fund with total assets of more than US$ 100 million to invest in stocks of Vietnam’s businesses listed on the Stock market. The Daiwa Group is also active in trading, mergers, and introduction of Japanese investors, foreign investors in the Vietnam market as well as close coordination with the Ministry of Finance to organize conferences on macroeconomics and public investment and debt management.

The Minister proposed the Daiwa Group to continuously strengthen its activities to promote foreign investment in the Vietnam market.

The Minister Dinh Tien Dung also recognized and highly appreciated the Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd in organizing the Investment promotion conference in Japan in August 2017.The Conference attracted the participation of more than 180 representatives of securities companies, finance companies, insurance companies, investment funds of Japan investing in Government bonds, equitization of SOEs, divestment and indirect investment in Vietnam stock market. This was an open dialogue channel that helped Japanese investors and businesses further understand the situation in Vietnam and policies and determination for innovation of the Vietnam’s Government and the most important thing is to develop the belief of Japanese investors with the development potential of Vietnam market.

The Minister stated that currently, the indirect investment of Japanese investors in Vietnam was modest compared to the potential as well as the attraction of investment capital of Vietnam market. Besides, in the coming time, the Ministry of Finance will synchronously implement solutions to restructure the securities market in order to ensure sustainable development. Therefore, the Minister Dinh Tien Dung proposed the Daiwa Group to continuously support Vietnam in developing capital market and promoting the Government bond market with Japanese investors and it was the bridge between Japanese investors and Vietnam market in the coming time.

The Daiwa Group’s President impressed on the strong development of Vietnam and said that Vietnam's economy continuously and stably developed with a GDP growth rate of over 6%. Especially, the development in the field of Financial service, in which the stock market is prominent. This is an important premise for Japanese investors in particular as well as foreign investors, in general, to invest in Vietnam.

"The Vietnam Government is planning to promote the divestment and equitization of SOEs. Hence, the Daiwa Group will strengthen its cooperation with Saigon Securities In.c to introduce Japanese investors to participate in equitization of SOEs in Vietnam" Mr. Takashi Hibino emphasized.

President Takashi Hibino also affirmed that the Daiwa Group will strive to be a bridge between the two countries' businesses and contribute to promoting a good traditional relationship between Vietnam and Japan in the coming time.

By Hong Van/Ngoc Loan